Review: GT Cosmetics Carrot Lotion SPF 60 guest post!

Disclaimer: The
product featured on this review comes from the blogger’s money. This is not
sponsored by the any person affiliated with the brand in any means.

Do you want one product that will give
you multiple benefits?
Then this one is for you!
is a body lotion from a rising Filipino cosmetics brand, GT Cosmetics. GT Cosmetics roots from the city of Cebu as a small
soap manufacturing company. They became popular and expanded their business,
and now they’re selling various items such as beauty soaps, toners, cream and
lotions all over the Philippines.
Cosmetics Carrot Lotion has 4 in 1 anti-aging formula that gives whitening,
moisturizing, body concealer, and sunblock benefits. It contains Beta Carotene from pure
carrot extracts, a skin vitamin that reduces signs of aging, promoting healthy,
white and smooth even toned young-looking skin.

product is simply packaged in a squeezable plastic tube with a black flip-cap
on it.

is sticker-labeled with the necessary information about the product. 
daily all over the body and retouch as needed to totally protect skin.
drugstores and supermarkets nationwide
PRICE: Php 200+ for 100 mL
The 100 mL contents may last 3-4 months (I’m
using it daily: D) depending on how often you’re using it. The consistency of
the product is creamy and feels a bit silky on the skin. When applied, the
light orange lotion creates whitening and concealing effect to the skin. This
lotion is really great compared to other lotions that will only moisturize your
skin. I love how it acts like a BB Cream for the body. Also, the fruity (or
carrot?!) scent last for minutes which is a plus for me but may irritate those
who have sensitive sense of smell.
Glycerin- moisturizer
Titanium- sun protection
Carrot Extract- rich in
Beta-carotene, anti-aging & skin whitening
aka Vitamin E,

A little goes a long
a pea-sized amount is enough to cover the arm. After
blending, you can easily see the whitening effect of the lotion. Amazing!!

[A closer look to my
applying the lotion, you can see that it became 1-2 shades lighter. And if you
will notice the encircled parts, the tiny dark spot was barely noticeable after
application of the GT Cosmetics Carrot Lotion.
whitening effect (like BB Cream :D)
very high UV Protection (SPF 60)
dark spots and areas on the skin
in love with its scent
skin smooth & whiter with continued use
be cakey and unnatural look when you use too much of it.

I declare that this carrot lotion gets 5/5. This is the
best lotion that I tried so far ^_^
I recommend it?

course YES! I have trusted GT Cosmetics for their great products. I will not
hesitate to buy another one (in fact I already repurchased this product 3 times
since 2013). I can really say that hiyang talaga ako sa GT
(GT Cosmetics really suits me).
♥♥♥ XOXO, The Prince ~

Thanks Bhenz for your wonderful review! 
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  • Reply MJ PEREZ April 12, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Wow this is really a nice review Ms. K, I have read some posts of confessionsofaprince hehe. Very nice. Ikaw na ata ang fairy God Mom ng mga readers pati nadin mga neophyte and aspiring blogger. I'm so happy Ms.k and I admit na inspired din ako because of you. I know writing din ang calling ko hehe. Please continue to inspire people. God Bless!

  • Reply Bhenz Benig April 14, 2015 at 7:36 am

    Thank you Ms. Kaycee for the feature. It was really an honor to collaborate with you, the top beauty blogger in the Philippines. I hope na maraming matutunan yung readers mo about sa fave product na ito. And sana mainspire mo lahat ng tao na "everyone has the right to be beautiful" through your blog reviews. Sana maulit ulit tong chance na ito. 😀 Thank you very much~

  • Reply kikaysikat April 17, 2015 at 7:22 am

    I like how you write Bhenz, very genuine. Stay true to your posts! Love ya!

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