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OOTD + Everyday Me – Procter and Gamble Community Launch

My OOTD: Who takes photos of these fashion bloggers? Do they  have professional photographers?! I need one!

Getting ready for the event. I wanted to look sharp and classy without overdressing. Nauumay na ko sa mga fashion blogger na post ng post ng OOTD na pareparehas lang naman ang itsura (pati pose mind you). Cropped tops. Cut-out tops. High-waist. Fashion is definitely not the same as Style. I’d rather be someone stylish than fashionable.

Fashion – What’s in. What’s trending vs Style – a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

Mostly sourced from online resellers who buy their items from Divisoria! (Check out my shopping guide to Divisoria). I am not generalizing fashion bloggers, I admire those who still manage to have their own sense of fashion.

Hay, it’s rare to find an online store that actually sells their OWN designs. Okay enough ranting. Moving forward.20140926_131800-1024x768

The event was held at Manila Peninsula Hotel. It’s very classic and chic. A breath of fresh air from what other hotels are starting to look at. I wish I can experience staying here sometime. It looks very romantic.



Custom teas for us!








There I go paparazzi style again! With my co-bloggers Rochelle, Ruth, and Rowena. OMG They all start with the same letter! 😀 Coincidence! *waves hands*



Kim Jones and Jenni Epperson were the special guests of these events as they were the 2 celebrity contributors for EverydayMe. We were given the chance to ask them a few questions, I quickly raised my hand and asked how they balance their time despite having a busy schedule. Both of them concluded coffee and chocolates where their favorite energy source, the other one was really being passionate about what you do.
Their answer made me realize the sole reason why some of my posts are blah when I’m not fully interested in what I am writing and just half-hearted because “I have to”. Though I may reject blog post offers and such, I have to be extra selective to what I feature in my blog so that I can always give my 100% on my articles because I am writing with passion.


Get Inspired Every Day
P&G introduces – a website that celebrates everything Woman
The event guests entered a world of “fabulous finds” during the launch that brought to life how EverydayMe’s practical articles, tips and DIY activities can easily be applied by its members. Personal care stations treated guests to an afternoon of pampering and relaxation activities, including customizing their own tea bags and lip balms. They were also able to see Kim and Jenni’s fab finds and insights come to life through installations showcasing the contributors’ travel finds and must-haves. is a membership site that will feature insightful and inspiring global and local articles on beauty, food, fashion, and well-being.  Members can also look forward to content from top bloggers and personalities like Camille Co, Frances Amper Sales, Patty Laurel, Jackie Go and Sam Oh.  EverydayMe will help members stay ahead of the pack through the site’s trends forecasts and product launch announcements.  They will also be able to enrich the site by contributing their own product ratings and reviews, tips and articles.
Exclusive rewards and deals tailor-made to the modern, multi-tasking Filipina’s lifestyle await members.  Upon signing, new members will receive a welcome gift and gift vouchers for P&G beauty and home products. was created to provide women with everything they need to know to make informed choices and inspire their lives daily.  It serves as every woman’s go-to site for advice, ideas and support.


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