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OOTD: Get Ready with Me – Sporty Flirty Date Night

Who dresses up here depending on their mood? Raise your hands weeee! I do and for this particular day, I wanted to look sexy, sporty, flirty and casual.
As for my makeup, I wanted to keep it fresh sweet and simple. I used my favorites and tried and tested brands from Happy Skin, MAC, NARS, The Balm, Benefit Cosmetics, K-Palette, Heroine Make and In2It.


I wanted to wear it with my hello kitty cap but I hesitated so I left it at home LOL


I don’t have a tripod and no one really takes any of my fashion OOTDs so I decided to take selfie shots inside dressing rooms. This one is in Uniqlo LOL. I always buy my basics there like shirts, jeans, and bottoms there anyways.




Date Day! Ryan and I barely go out to the mall because our schedules are really busy (well maybe his is more hectic hahaha) but we really make time for one another and that’s what counts right? It’s tough to have a celebrity boyfriend. I get paranoid and scared all the time. Okay he’s not John Lloyd or anything but still @_@ there are still groupies to watch out for. I guess I have to be stronger for us. and trust my man more. I’m hoping for the best!
Can I ask for your prayers? hehe.. My heart has experienced enough trauma already. As of now it’s still “on-repair” but I decided to give it a shot. Final shot to love.

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