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Tangle Teezer Brush Review – Not Just Another Hairbrush


I’m re-reviewing the Tangle Teezer Brush because I just received a brand spanking new one after my old one got lost (after 4 years of use FYI). I had a gold one that my son and I used and it everyday. I’m so thankful my prayers got answered! It’s the best detangling brush ever. Continue reading and watch my demo video for the full review.


Tangle Teezer Brush Demo

Tangle Teezer Brush Review

The brush itself is pretty simple. Made out of durable plastic, It has soft bristles with rounded ends, shaped in a way it can detangle pretty much any frizz or knots on your hair. It’s compact enough to carry and it’s simple enough to keep. This one is so gentle to use my son loves it! He avoids brushing his hair before but after experiencing Tangle Teezer he looks forward to brushing time.


I for one cannot live without this brush. I frequently color and bleach my hair. This causes severe hair damage making my locks vulnerable to knots and tangles. Using fingers to comb my hair takes HOURS and is quite annoying. Tangle Teezer saves me time and saves my hair from falling.


 You might think it’s another brush but it’s not. You will really see and feel the difference if you compare it to other brushes. You can get it at the following places and it costs 900-1,500php depending on the size and model.


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