Perfume for Work – Incanto Bloom

Quick post! I got this pretty bottle of Ferragamo Incanto Bloom a couple of months ago on a perfume sale near my workplace.  I dont know the original price but I got this tester bottle for only 1000php. Not bad eh?  
The smell?  It reminds me of fresh roses mixed with lilies.  It opens up with a sparkling note of lemon then warms up to cozy florals.  This type of fragrance is perfect for daily use in the workplace because it’s safe and unoffensive.  This however smells nothing special so wearing this will not make you stand out.  Just smell good and decent. 
Staying power is a good 6 hours Sillage is mild and close to the skin.  Sillage is how a fragrance spreads out like a sphere or aura around you.  If you smell someone bad miles away it means it has very strong sillage (pronounced as see-arge) 

This scent is perfect for ladies in their 20’s, it’s a very soft floral that hushes femininity.Im keeping the bottle in my office drawer but my signature fragrance is still Narcisso Rodriguez EDP or EDT 

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