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PH338 Glutathione Review – My First Brand

Ahh.. the brand that started it all. Reviewing PH338 brings back so much memories as this was the first glutathione brandย I took when I was in HS, and then I switched to Silk and Dove (it was cheaper and more accessible kasi. I discovered this brand because of my mom who was really vain at that time (LOL may pinagmahan!) and was buying all sorts of beauty products from her supplier I think the name was Vanessa. Glutathione, kojic soaps, even bangkok pills. It costs really expensive pa before because it was new in the market and hard to get supplies. We took this religously for years since it was the only brand available and it has been the “breakthrough” of my change in skin color.

What? PH338 Glutathione
How much? 1550php /90 tablets
Where to buy? /ย
disclaimer: This is notย a sponsored post and I recommend japanichi because I have ordered from them several times before and they are a 100% legit seller. I want to recommend shops that sell authentic products. Love you all! <3

You can see my skin transformation throughout the years in my “How to Whiten Skin” page, but I will share the “quick” before/after using PH338 tablets for 2 years. I started taking this when I was in 3rd year highschool up until my 1st year in ย college. Before and after pictures at the end of this post.



PH338 Packaging

It comes in shiny blister pack that has japanese characters with mint green foil. It is available in a box of 270 tablets or you can purchase a 90-tablet supply for 1550php. They’re like small white M&Ms and have a sweet sugar coating.


You take this 3x a day with water. 1 tablet in the morning. 1 tablet at lunch. 1 tablet at night time. Take it with 500mg vitamin C with each intake.


PH338 Ingredients

Each tablet has 100mg of pure glutathione. Don’t worry, it’s strange I know but even if it’s only a mere 100mg this works like magic! Which makes me wonder if we really need a lot for something to work. I believe in quality vs quantity. I always trust Japanese products to be of the best quality!

PH338 Review

After taking this religiously for 2 years, it had made my transition from being chocolate brown to having pushyaw and fairer. My classmates in highschool were shocked with my transformation. I didn’t deny that I took glutathione pills. They admit, I looked better with fairer skin than I was with darker. (Don’t judge. I love morena beauties, I just wish I looked as good as them). It gave a nice rosy glow compared to Tathion 307 that just gives a “pale white” effect.

PH338 Side Effects

Some reported to have gained weight. I, however gained pimples. ๐Ÿ™ I found out this was the culprit of my acne breakout when I stopped using it, my skin became clear again. That’s why I switched brands. Hiyangan talaga. Some users swear to this brand and didn’t give them any reaction. Go ahead and try this for yourselves ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one of the best if you don’t get any reactions kasi the whiteness it gives is the pleasantly rosy white effect.

Before and After Photos

That’s why I keep telling my readers to be patientย in taking whitening supplements. It takes months, even years to see results. If you observe my 2 year photo, the changes aren’t drastically white. I took (and still taking glutathione) for more than 8 years to reach how fair I am today. To be honest I’m still not satisfied with how fair I am that is why I’m still in search for something that will make me even fairer. I’m afraid of IV Glutathione Injections that’s why I don’t consider it as an alternative.
AFTER 2 years of taking PH338
It’s nice to reminisce to this brand. It deserves a spot on my little old blog because this was the game changer in my life. I’m glad it’s still available in the market for you to try ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if you’ve tried this brand already. Did it also made you breakout?


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