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An Amazing Time at the #CosmoBeautyBlock

An Amazing Time at the #CosmoBeautyBlock

This is a guest post by one of my Club Kikay friends Gellie! 🙂

I remember how back in college, getting to read Cosmo magazine pretty much means you’re no longer a girl but already a woman. It’s kind of like a maturity symbol. If you can get through the confessions without giggling like a little girl, welcome to adulthood!


Fast forward to today, admittedly, I rarely buy magazines now but thank God for I follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so I always get updates to the latest style trends, new on fleek makeup looks to try out, and everything else that pretty much screams, femininity and womanhood!


This year’s #CosmoBeautyBlock would be my first (and I’m hoping it won’t be my last). I arrived at around 12:30 in the afternoon and the place was already packed with gorgeous women. I’ve spotted some with on fleek eyebrows, some with lashes that just slays it, and eye makeup blended into perfection. If this is the community of women I’ll be in, where do I sign up? Upon registering, I was given a loot bag filled with awesome beauty products that won’t disappoint. Emphasis on… “WON’T DISAPPOINT.”


Well, aside from the beauty stash, they also gave us this passport thingy that you’ll need to have the representatives from the booths signed and then they’ll just ask you to do some stuff, a little post here and there, and you’ll get MORE goodies. It just feels like a big girl’s birthday party that instead of getting toys as freebies or goodies, you get makeup and skincare products!


There are booths like the BYS and Tokyo Posh which gives you a free makeover (makeup c/o BYS, hair makeover c/o Tokyo Posh) and then there’s the Pantene booth that gives you more goodies after posting something on Instagram. The Aveeno ladies were also going around, signing up the passport and the Aveeno flyer. For those who had their Aveeno flyers signed, please don’t forget to claim your Aveeno products starting Friday onwards at the Watsons in Megamall, okay? I’ll see you again there, ladies?


Aside from the booths, there was also an on-going program on-stage. Some of the invited speakers for the event are: Shaira Luna (Beauty & Fashion Photographer/ Gifted child/Promil Kid – if you can still remember her from the commercial), Denise Aquino-Posadas (Owner of Tokyo Posh), Debbie Then (MYX VJ and Magic 89.9 DJ), and Nikki Duque (Celebrity Makeup Artist). There were also some games on-stage like the “Do your makeup for 5 minutes” challenge sponsored by Ever Bilena. That was just crazy! I guess if I’d want to join next year, I’d have to start practicing as early as now. I think the fastest I can do my makeup is around 15 minutes. The other girls are going to eat me alive if I join. Haha!



While I was browsing through some of the posts using the hashtag: #CosmoBeautyBlock, I noticed that there was a #CosmoBeautyBlock last year too. Where was I then? Oh, yeah, I was stuck up north in Pampanga. Well now that I’m back in the crazy and colorful Metro Manila, I certainly can’t wait to attend more beauty community events like this one. See you gorgeous ladies again next year, okay?

Gellie Abogado-Ilaga is the Marketing & Communications of an NGO, the blogger behind, and one of the owners of Ella Naturals. She is also a Doctor Who and Resident Evil fan girl, a gamer, and an awesome singer in the shower.

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