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PR: Cha Time Summer Drinks for 2017

The SUNSET OBSESSION collection of Chatime is a new line of all-natural teas made with BUTTERFlY PEA FLOWER. The BUTTERFLY FLOWER TEA is 100% NATURAL. Full of antioxidants with health benefits to memory, circulation and eyesight.


Chatime Sunset Obsession_Press Release

The natural properties of the Butterfly Pea tea, when combined with the unique flavors give way to its ENCHANTING COLORS and a MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION when mixed together. The tea react with anything acidic such as citric fruit juices by changing colors from a dark blue to a light purple. This transformation is most evident in the middle of the gradient of our new sunset tea drinks.

While the drinks are served in ‘LAYERS’. They’re meant to be shaken before taking your fist sip so that you can enjoy the FULL COMBINATION OF FLAVORS. Shaking the tea up.

My thoughts? I’m a tea addict and this looks perfect for summer! I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Chatime Summer2017_ with details


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