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READ: Japanese Cow Beauty Soap Review – Milky Good!

cow beauty soap
Today I’ll be reviewing the famouse Japanese Cow Beauty Soap *crunches knuckles and fingers* It’s been a while my friends. Well, 4 days to be exact. I used to be on a daily roll of posts thanks to advance scheduling but the scheduled posts cannot keep up with my tardiness and I ran out. Thus, why I’m writing today and scheduling for the next few days so that you can have more writings and reviews to digest!

What? Japanese Cow Beauty Soap
How much? 100php/bar
Where to buy? Koichi Japanese Store, Japanichi Online, Cheskas Store

I was at Robinson’s Malate a few months ago and passed by my favorite Japanese Stall there named “Koichi” second floor near the escalator and Terranova. They sell all sorts of imported Japanese products there from skincare to supplements to food! Even rare cosmetics! I always see this product on their display and the saleslady told me this is their best-seller so I have to try for myself!


What is it?

Cow Beauty Soap is an old, popular, and ubiquitous brand of soap in Japan. Cow Brand was founded in 1909 in Kyoshinsha, Japan, and has been making soap continually since, persevering even when their factory was destroyed during World War II. Blue Cow Soap uses milk and milk fat as its main ingredients and carries a relaxing jasmine fragrance.
– 100% Imported and Made in Japan.
– rich in moisturizers, milk, milk fat and squalene to help eliminate fine lines cause by ageing.
– helps eliminate Body Odors, feeling fresh all day as it contains a refreshing jasmine fragrance
– Contains of Milk to keep your skin moist and fresh after being washed.
Blue Cow Brand Soap uses milk and milk fat (milk butter) as its main ingredients, along with squalene moisturizer, rich and soft foams. This soap is proven effective for whitening.. continuous usage will make your skin smooth, radiant and baby like complexion.  Cow Beauty Soap.



Price – It’s expensive because it’s overpriced here. Converting Yen to Peso, it should really just cost around 65php/bar vs. 100php

Packaging – Classic and traditional. It’s even wrapped in paper inside which gives a vintage feel.

Texture – MILKY. It’s smooth and silky. It melts on water upon contact and it gives off a translucent white color similar to fresh milk. When the soap is rubbed on skin, it feels so good and luxurious!

Scent – I was expecting a milky scent but got a whiff of Jasmine indeed. The fragrance is subtle and lasts all day, making me wonder if this also has deodorizing properties.

Is it effective? YES. I used this for a few weeks and it indeed made my skin feel baby smooth. BUT don’t expect any skin whitening effects it didn’t lighten my skin. Milk protein is not enough to make your skin a few shades lighter. It is however, a very effective anti-aging and moisturizing soap.

Will I buy again? YES kahit mahal huhuhu.

Rating: 4/5

KikaySiKat Rating Scale Guide
1 – It should cease to exist on the planet.
2 – Troublesome. Caused negative reactions for me or made me feel bad.
3 – Boringly blah blah blah. Not good. Not bad. It’s like… nothing…so I’ll just give it away to someone who might like it more than I do.
4 – Wow. Amazeballs. It’s super effective! I’ll keep this in my stash for sure until  I find something better.
5 – It’s irreplaceable! *ala Beyonce* (disclaimer:unless it gets discontinued boohoo)


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