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Venturing Vlogging 101 + Random Kwento

I’m currently writing this while participating in Nuffnang’s Fashion with Compassion Charity Bazaar here at Metro Tent, Pasig City. And grabe ayoko nga maging masyado masaya kasi I have a very supportive boyfriend *tears of joy* Imagine how busy his schedule is but he still managed to share some time with me and even visited my family in Batangas! It’s not that I’m bored or anything but as with someone like me who has ADHD and Bi-polar I just have this thirst to do more than 2 things, as in 3 or more things at the same time. Just like with blogging and social media, IT’S NOT ENOUGH!! HAHAHA.. that’s why *drumroll*


Better late than never but I’m now venturing into vlogging in Youtube (and also live video feeds on facebook if I feel like it). Just like always, I’m the type of person who would do what no one else, or what only a handful of people do. My Vlogs will be raw and unscripted. Just like my blog. You guys deserve it!


Is anyone reading this right now? As in now now? Ang kulit ko lang eh no! What do YOU want to see on my KikaySiKat Youtube Channel? ( Love advice? Product reviews? Kalokohan? I’d love to know! Do leave a comment below!!

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