cecon vitamin c
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Cecon: On Vitamin C and Being a Super Mommy

cecon vitamin c
cecon vitamin c

Loading up on my vitamin Cs. Can’t risk getting sick, rainy season pa din. 500mg vitamin C is recommended, vitamin B complex and zinc to help strengthen immunity. Ayoko magkasakit, my loved ones depend on me. Last month was the worst! Stubborn as I am, I allowed myself to get drenched in the rain because I didn’t care. I thought hey I’m strong, no rain can make me sick. I had a bad case of flu the following day and even infected my son in the process.

Cecon Vitamin C Price: A tablet of Cecon chewable is around 7 pesos each

Last week I was invited to a Super Mom event of Cecon. As much as I’m trying to become a “cool millenial mom“, I wanted to learn more. Be better for baby Geof.



We were given a quick talk on how to balance our time. I learned that in order to give more to my son, I should give more to myself. Because a grumpy, stressful mommy, will lash out to the little one. This has happened to me a few times and I regret each one. We should not forget ourselves in the process of becoming a mom.


Then, another mom named Kat taught us the basics of bento making. We all know that our kids can be picky eaters. We can fix this by making their baons more appetizing. Transforming their rice into animals. Making tomatoes into bears. I’ll try to make a bento for baby Geof one of these days.



Thank you so much Cecon for the insightful mommy workshop and  giving us an ample vitamin C supply to boot! Now I’m more than ready to face the happy challenges of motherhood!


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