Review: NuWhite Glutathione

What? NuWhite Glutathione
Price? 1880php for  60 softgel capsules

Today, I’m glad to announce that I have a new favorite brand to add on my list and that is NuWhite Advanced Whitening L-Glutathione Collagen and Placenta. I have kept my all-time glutathione favorites ;which are Snow Caps, Vitapack, and MET not because they are “branded” but because they work, they’re safe, and they are approved by our FDA. I’m imagining their sales shooting up right now and I get nothing *sob* but it’s okay because I can’t recommend something that I didn’t try myself or did not work for me at all. My credibility and your trust is more important!  Let’s start the review shall we? Let’s go!


It comes in a sealed pink box that indicates it has 1,600mg and has 60 softgels inside

I love the fact that it’s sealed. It has a Japan formula but it is packaged in the Philippines. Love our own! 🙂 It has a safe push to open cap just like Advil.
I think the reason why I had the urge to try this Glutathione is because of it’s pink packaging and pink capsules. @_@ I love the color pink. But I’m pleasantly surprised that not only is this baby cute, it also works so gooooood. Full details on ingredients and review as you read more below. Yes the softgel is big enough to accomodate 1600mg of l-glutathione, collagen, placenta, and coq-10.


I appreciate products that take time to write the description and ingredients in the label. For a clearer perspective I downloaded their ingredients and description list from their facebook page. It made it easier for me to analyze than googling (is googling even a word? HAHA)  the ingredient one by one.

  • L-Glutathione 700MG – Whitens the skin and is a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Collagen 250mg – Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of skin aging
  • Placenta 350mg- Proven effective in skin whitening and anti-aging because of its potent amino acid
  • Vitamin C 200mg- Aids in skin whitening, boosts immune system, and also builds collagen
  • CoQ10 100mg – Preserves collagen
  • Pomegrenate Ellagic Acid 50mg  – Fights against photoaging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin, prevents cancer from UV, promotes healing

NuWhite Glutathione Review

I only take 1 capsule a day after breakfast. Can I say this pill is a dream come true? It has ALL THE BENEFITS I’m looking for in a skincare supplement. It can whiten skin, prevent aging, brighten skin, make us healthy and glowing. IT has all the right ingredients in the perfect amounts! But the question is…. *drumroll* does it work?
YES IT FREAKING DOES. I saw the effects after 2 weeks of continous usage. I didn’t want to reveal which brand I’m taking yet until I saw the results but oh yes you can see the results over my photos on instagram if you follow me ( My skin looked younger, my fine lines on my forehead were less visible. I looked fresh and awake even if I lacked sleep oh and the best part? I’m slowly achieving my fair skin again! (After the Thailand Glutathione Accident)
What I like best about it is that it doesn’t have ALA that hurts my throat and stomach, I didn’t breakout, and it’s affordable at 1880php for 60 capsules. Sure there are cheaper brands out there but for the quality and content? I haven’t found another brand that beats this.. so far. (Know any other brand that does?)

Will I re-purchase?

Yes. This is one for the books!


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