Review Swatch: Etude House My Dear Wish Lips Talk

So are my creative juices all squeezed out? Or am I forcing myself to poo brilliance out of nothingness.  I striked-through most of the words here because I’m not satisfied with the review I made. I received this Etude House lipcolor together with a whole bunch of Etude House and Tony Moly products and I absolutely adore everything. I re-did everything this morning, and I’m enthusiastic in reviewing Lauat Shampoo because my scalp is itching like CRAZY, the Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel because it smells so fricking good and cleans on point, Sutla Papaya Soap, and the Relumins Glutathione Supplement because it’s the first glutathione that has ALA that did not break me out! 

I’m not fond of wearing dark lipsticks. Most of the colors in my lipstick collection are pinks, nudes, and reds. No plums, no deep reds, no blood reds. I haven’t been experimental until recently when I received Etude House’s latest lipstick, their My Dear Wish Lips Talk in RD002
I believe what lip color we wear, affects our mood for the day. Wearing this made me feel punk/goth. Maybe that’s why I stay away from darker shades. I don’t want to feel “dark”. But that day I wanted to feel different. Stronger. Fiercer. 

Looking at the tube, it looks very harsh and dark. Almost black. It has a slight floral fragrance. It also appears to be the moisturizing kind.  The lippie reminds me so much of Clinique’s Black Honey, even the color payoff. It looks black in the tube but deep red on the lips

When applied on lips, the texture is slippery. It feels very soft and jelly like. 
Yes, it’s soft and jelly-like, swiped once, it gives a natural rosy tint, apply heavier and you get deeper blood red. I’m not too fond of the floral fragrance. I find it too strong for my liking.

Staying Power  – gloss stays 3 hours max without drinking, no retouch. It leaves a tint that lasts about 5 hours.

Even if it’s dark, it’s flattering for fair skintones.  *Sigh* To be honest I feel like I’m running out of words to say.  Have I come to a breaking point that a hiatus is needed? Maybe I’m forcing it. John said that the best way to be confident is to accept who you are, know your weaknesses, and do things to improve yourself. Honest and truthful. I miss authenticity in writing. The genuine appreciation for the things I’m buying for myself, and things I’m receiving. The “Eureka!” moment on new discoveries, the rush and excitement to go to the keyboard, log on the blog and just write! 
Here’s something to cheer you up, shades and swatches.
Too much for a lip review eh? See you next time. 


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