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Review: mySlim Yerba Mate Slimming Juice Drink

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What? mySlim Yerba Mate Slimming Juice Drink
How much does it cost? 89php/200ml bottle
Now, before someone tells me “Hey Kaycee, you’re too thin already! Why the eff would you drink slimming drinks”  Well yes you’re right. Why the hell would I? That would portray myself having an eating disorder and that’s controversial. LOL. Today, I’ll be reviewing mySlim Sugar-Free Yerba-Mate Drink. They sent me a box of 4 bottles of drinks and 2 bottles of the mySlim capsules. I’m giving away the capsules on my Meet & Greet this July.
Yerba-Mate. That’s what made me say yes on reviewing this product. I’m not sure if most of you know but I am actually clinically diagnosed as having Bi-polar disorder. It’s not something to be proud of but it’s something that I need to deal and live with. The ups, the downs, the mood swings, the paranoia. I didn’t want to rely on medications so I researched for natural remedies for bipolar like regular exercise, healthy diet, more sleep, playing video games, and yerba-mate! That’s right. Their main ingredient is actually a mood stabilizer.
OKAY! Enough with the chit-chat and let’s get on with the review. First and foremost.. What is Yerba-Mate?

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

In South America, yerba mate has been seen for centuries as a tonic and medicinal beverage. In the US, however, its benefits have been debated. Health claims made for yerba mate include:
  • Increases metabolism
  • Helps control appetite
  • Contains high quality antioxidants
  • Contains B vitamins and amino acids, as well as important minerals
Some have said that mate can also help control allergies, reduce stress, cleanse the system and boost the immune system. Some studies have also indicated that mate can help reduce LDL cholesterol. In addition, yerba mate appears to contain substances that can help fight or prevent cancer and might have properties that can help fight heart disease.
Oooh.. Yerba-mate. Excuse the hair. I’m trying the no-heat curls for short hair. TUTORIAL SOON!
Effects in a Nutshell
I drink a bottle of mySlim Yerba Mate Juice Drink 30 minutes before I hit the gym.
  • It makes me feel happy, giddy, and energetic. Just like coffee, except this one is caffeine-free
  • It made me poop 3x in a day. I saw the poop and it looks like it just eliminate the fat I eat
  • It tastes yummy especially straight out of the refrigerator. So refreshing. Like strawberry juice.
  • It’s sugar-free. Compared to other slimming juice that’s loaded with sugar, this is the better alternative.

Is it effective?

It’s a great pre-workout drink and mood stabilizer if you can handle pooping 3x a day. That’s why it’s recommended to be drank at the comfort of our homes.  The poop effects remind me so much of Lesofat and Xenical. I guess if you really need to lose weight this is for you. Will I drink it again? Yes. But only for certain occasions like feasting on an eat all you can buffet. I also find this more effective than fit and right because it has L-carnitine AND yerbamate combined.
If you’re not afraid to poop 3x a day
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