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Review: Jinju White Lightening Radiance Toner | YEAH! OR MEH?

jinju white
jinju white

It’s more challenging to objectively review a product that did not work for you. Agree? That’s why it took me a few days of thinking if I’m ever going to post this one. I’ll tell it to you guys. This toner/serum product from Jinju White Lightening Radiance Toner/Serum is not for me. BUT I will give you 100% objective review from ingredients to my experience. We need to settle once and for all if this is legit or just joining the Korean Asian Beauty bandwagon.

*product was sent for review consideration but this will not affect how I feel about the product because kikaysikat gives you honest reviews, always.

Price: 450php


What is Jinju White Lightening Radiance Toner Serum?

Let’s base it off its description on the box. The latest in Korean Skin Care technology produces 2-in1 skin care product that combines the benefits of using a toner and serum. Made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that is clinically proven to promote youthful lighter skin with continous use.


Claimed Benefits:

  • Combats skin pigmentation to lighten skin tone
  • Revitalizes dull-looking skin for a brighter more youthful glow
  • Minimizes pores
  • Delays early signs of skin aging
  • Promotes faster cell turnover
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Minimizes pimple marks

Wow that’s a lot! Reading the description in its white box with pink typography packaging made me even more excited to try the product. Now let’s analyze the ingredients before we continue to my full review.


Ingredients Analysis:

Its top ingredients are BetaineLactic Acid, and Castor Oil.

Betaine is known as a humectant which helps skin retain moisture. Lactic Acid is an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid that helps with skin renewal. There’s Allantoin and Kojic Acid to supress melanin and pigment (the lightening effect), and an assortment of plant extracts like apple for further exfoliation. There’s also hyaluronic acid at the bottom of the list.

The ingredients are promising. Take note that because they put in a lot of natural ingredients the bottle label is indicated 6M. This means you have to dispose the product within 6 months of use because it expires easily.

Review: Jinju White Lightening Radiance Toner


Review Duration: 1 Week, morning and night

To make sure I’m not bias I need to use this consistently for 2 weeks without any supporting moisturizer at night except sunblock in the morning. Because it does claim to be toner & serum in one. But I had to cut it short to 1 week. Why? Continue reading below.


My Experience

It has a slightly thicker consistency versus other toners. Reminiscent of Human Heart Nature’s Moringga Toner. Slightly slimy with a floral scent with a tinge of alcohol. I applied it by moistening a cotton pad. Thankfully enough despite the acidity of all its ingredients it didn’t sting on my face. But it did itch a bit soon after

Day 1-3

Face feels cleaner and slightly dewy. No noticeable effects based on their claims yet.

Day 4-7

My face was starting to itch hard. I also started having a lot of cystic acne on my chin, and bumps on my cheeks. I was supposed to finish my 2-week trial but I do not want to risk my face. So I stopped.

Final Thoughts.

I’m sad it had to end so soon. The ingredients on the product were promising, with miraculous claims to be the answer to all our skin problems. BUT it did not work as I expected. It caused chaos on my skin. It also sucks it has a short lifespan. Probably because of the natural components in the toner? This is a MEH for me. Be careful of reading reviews from sellers because of course they’ll say it’s amazing! They sell the stuff. Also be careful of reading reviews online, make sure you trust these bloggers or influencers because most likely or not they’re paid to write good feedback.

NO. There is no such thing as a “detox” phase. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t wait until your skin is damaged. Stop.


Disclaimer: This product did not work me BUT we all have different skin types. So what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. This review is based solely on my personal experience.



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