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Review: K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Japanese Makeup

Sometimes, women tend to neglect primping their brows in basic makeup. They skip it because they think it’s not as important as let’s say, blush, or lipstick to brighten the face. But our eyebrows are very important because it is what frames our eyes, and the rest of our face. Just like how the hair is our crowning glory.
Before we head towards the review of this really neat product. Let’s look at some of the different eyebrows and how it can affect our appearance.
Too Bare
Too Fake
Besides having our brows plucked, trimmed, shaved, or threaded. We need to fill it in to enhance it and make it perfect. There are several products we can use.
1. Pencil
2. Mascara-brush type
3. Powder
4. Pen type
Pencils are great but you have to sharpen them and they fade quickly. Mascara brush type just fills, powder type requires a brush, and you need to set it with wax after. The easiest product to use is the pen type because it provides control and precise application, it lasts, and it’s handy!
From the makers of the popular 24/7 Eyeliner, K-Palette now gives us their 2-way Eyebrow Pen to give us beautiful, long lasting, neat eyebrows.



What I Like About This Product
  • Coming from its name, this lasts and lasts until the day ends
  • It’s translucent, you can hardly make a mistake in filling in your brows because you layer it in. It makes it look really natural!
  • It’s precise tip makes it easy to extend your brows if you have short brows like mine.
What I Don’t Like About This Product
  • Nothing.
Where Can You Buy This?
It’s available in Beauty Bar Stores together with other great K-Palette Products like the Zero Kuma Concealer (up for review next!) and their best selling liners

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