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Life Lately, Retiring My 8 Year Old Chuck Taylors and Converse Sneaker Shopping


This is not a sponsored post. In fact, I spent more money in sneakers than the shoes they sponsor me with. I’ve been in love with Chuck Taylors since gradeschool and always owned a pair in my shoe rack. It’s only just recently when I started hitting the gym, and getting old. That I now prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. This means I quit wearing heels eons ago, unless required to wear a pair for torture.

Retiring My 8 Year Old Chuck Taylors


The header photo I used in this photo means so much beyond the literal. I got these leather pair at a flea market in Baguio for 800 pesos. Most styles that I want are not available in the Philippines with my size. It’s either you order online, buy abroad, or settle for styles already here. I thought I could give these a few more years in their lifespan. But one fine day, the rubber started to peel open. Revealing my socked feet.


Me and my beloved, Ryan, have been through so much this year. Just like these pair of worn-out sneakers. We were in the hotel preparing to go to one of his stand-up comedy shows when my shoe started to deteriorate. Being street smart that he was, he got a few strips of masking tape and started to roll it on my sneakers to keep it together. For one more night.

Our relationship however will be bonded stronger than these sneakers. 

Converse Sneaker Shopping


A retired pair of my favorites means one thing. SHOE SHOPPING! It has to be replaced by not one, but two pairs of chuck taylors. Take a look at my choices.


Most of the time when it comes to buying Converse sneakers, I get the limited edition ones that are on sale hehehe ^_^


I love wearing chuck taylors because you can dress them up. Dress them down. They’re also the perfect pair to wear on the gym for squats or deadlifts because of its sturdy structure and flat sole *googly eyes* 


I need a bigger shoe rack! LOL! How about you? Do you also love Converse as much as I do?






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