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So, hello mosbeau.. I had high hopes for you, you were different. You were the glutathione that is not a glutathione, rather a glutathione pre-cursor and activator. You claim to be the beauty supplement of the supplements.


    • It is rather expensive at 3,500 for 120 tablets
    • Taking 4 tablets per day at different timings can be a hassle especially if you are taking other meds
Click photo to enlarge. I’m the one wearing pink. You can notice t9he glow. Note: Acne was caused by Belo Glutathione a month ago :
  • It made my skin really glowing, you can notice in the ff picture that even though I wasn’t the fairest; I radiate differently
  • I did not have any negative reactions which is a plus because most glutathione brands give me cystic acne! (you can see here the glutathione brands that I have tried already)
  • 2 weeks wasn’t enough to notice the whitening difference so I would probably still continue to take this, until a new brand feeds my curiosity
  • I like how it uses a variety of beneficial ingredients for beautifying effects

Will I recommend this? If you have the budget, yes. I would also recommend this to people who had tried EVERY glutathione brand and still react with acne. Maybe placental protein is more effective for you in whitening than gluta. Placental protein also inhibits melanin thus whiten skin.

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