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What’s in a Salad Box? A Review and Overview of other Beauty Boxes

It’s the trend that I think will hit most markets by 2013. It has existed and are very popular in other countries. What the heck am I talking about? Beauty boxes. Those boxes you pay for a small amount, that will include small to full sized samples of different products from several brands. There are a few that I heard of that is currently in the Philippines

Price Range: 500php-1000php
Including: samples of different products sent to you in a boxed package monthly

I’m planning to get and try the other boxes as well (from my own wallet!!!!) so that I can compare and give you guys a view, without you, taking the risk! *hehe* so I’m taking the risk of wasting money. Take note, risk. So I might benefit if the products inside are indeed good.

On a side note, I got Salad Box for free  but nevertheless I will still be non-bias


It’s nice to have a description of what you get
I love how they presented and packed the products


Was I happy?  No. Some people might react that this is a hit/miss since you get random products every time. But to people who value their money, they want things that are actually their money’s worth.

Is this worth its amount? No. For around 500php, you get a couple of hand sanitizers worth 50 bucks each, 2 sample sized mineral makeup, 2 tiny samples of room prays and 2 sachets of shampoo. You tell me if all that is worth 500

Are you angry? Do I sound angry? Haha! No I’m not. I found other people’s boxes containing full sized perfumes, and a better loot so I probably got a fluke? But to people who will subscribe to this. I am emphasizing to get their money’s worth

Would you recommend this box? Hmm.. To those who want excitement in their lives probably, since it’s a hit or miss; for this case. I will try other boxes to compare the items inside!

Love lots
Kat 😉


  • Sonya Quezada

    Thank you for the honest review Kat. I went ahead and bought my own December box (I received it today), and I agree with your assessment. I wasn't happy with the box either, since it was not worth 500 in my opinion. I hope that Salad Box improves the samples that they send to their subscribers.

  • LizC

    i subscribed sa glamourbox and bdj box… and compared to this? i guess they are way better… masmaraming laman and some are in their full size.. 🙂 pero yeah, hit/miss… di lahat ng laman nagagamit kp… so, yeah baka di ko narin ituloy =

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