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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2013 Planner : CTBTL 2013 Planner

It’s the end of the year again folks, and it’s the season of food, gifts, and 2013 promo planners.

Fine. I already have the BDJ to serve as my main planner, but between CBTL and SB, I prefer getting the CBTL’s 2013 planner for several reasons

  1. 12 stamps is all you need to redeem a planner
  2. You give back to the community because once you redeem a planner; You support to the Real Life Foundation
  3. Each dividing month has an arts/crafts tutorial that you can do. I miss doing those so these will be really helpful
  4. CBTL’s drinks have a lot more healthier variety. I’m on a strict calorie count low fat low sugar diet and they have a wide array of drinks to cater these needs. I’m also not used to drinking coffee all the time so the selection of their tea drinks are a major plus!

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How about you girls? Which planner/s are you considering on getting? I wanna know! ^_^

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