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Scent Swatch Review – For Scents Inspired By..

How often do you change your fragrance and how do you wear your perfume? I have a favorite  and that’s Narcisso Rodriguez EDP and EDT both for daytime and nighttime but sometimes I sway to try different scents when I get tired of them but I keep going back to my favorite of course. Do you have a signature scent? I wear my signature fragrance when I’m going out on a date, meeting, or anywhere I would like them to remember me by how I smell. Sort of like an imprint.
I was fortunate enough to receive a few gifts from scent swatch and they’re based on my perfoume favorites like Blvgari Omnia Crystalline and Jo Malone’s White Jasmine and Mint. Oooh a Black XS inspired perfume to for Mr. John Castle! These scents come in small atomizer bottles with simple but classy label. Scent Swatch manufactures designer-inspired scents for those who are on a budget. Not everyone can afford to put on an expensive perfume on a daily basis right?



I love it! Most designer-inspired fragrance brands are actually FAAAAR from what the actual perfumes smell like but Scent Swatch is different!  I own the original Blvgari Omnia and I must say Scent Swatch really captures the feel of the fragrance upon initial spray. It also lasts long too, look at the bottle, their fragrances are in Eau de Parfum.  After the scent settles down on my skin it transforms into something lighter, albeit fresher. Take note, these are scents like. While it cannot capture the exact scent, like Crystalline’s sharp citrus notes on the first spray while it warms down too a woody musk by the time you go to the heart. It still retains the heart which is the white florals.
Since it’s just 90php per bottle (10ml) it doesn’t feel wasteful spraying it throughout the day, you might not even do this because it lasts long!

Kikaysikat Tip: There are several type of perfume concentrations which varies on how long lasting and pure the scent is. This is in order from strongest to weakest: Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne.



Will I buy again?

Certainly! They’re affordable at 90php per bottle and it’s cute to give as gifts! They have a wide array of fragrances to choose from too! I hope they make a version of Narcisso Rodriguez!

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