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Tatiomax Glutathione Review Part 1


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Greetings earthlings! A lot of you who have been following me on instagram(@kikaysikat) are asking what’s that new glutathione supplement I’ve been taking along with my other daily supplements. It’s that large liquid gel capsule in that photo above.

I take my Cal-Mag-Zinc from healthy options for managing my Tourettes. You know, that nerve condition where you just involuntarily twitch? Some people have vocal tics some have muscle tics. Fortunately I have the muscle one, so don’t expect any sudden shouts or curses from my end. Did you know that glutathione also keeps the tics at bay since it’s an anti-oxidant?


What got my attention in this is the whopping 1600mg content. Well, if we disect the ingredients a bit it has:

  • L-Glutathione 1200mg
  • Hydrolized Collagen 200mg – This is new for me. According to
  • A preclinical study investigated the effects of oral ingestion of hydrolyzed collagen, along with vitamin C and glucosamine, suggested that the moisture content of skin, its viscoelastic properties, and smoothness benefit.[7]





Initial Thoughts

It smells legit. Glutathione smells like rotten eggs due to nitrogen and this one smells like it. It’s in liquid form and not powder meaning faster absorption in our body. The thing is it’s a huge dosage in one intake I sometimes prefer taking glutathione in separate dosage because the excess just gets excreted in our urine. Sort of like when we take vitamin C that’s time released.
Day 1: Under natural light. No Makeup.

This would be my before shot of taking Tatiomax. Together with proper skincare and using protective sunscreen let’s see what would Tatiomax do to my skin in 1 month. I will be taking this for 1 month and will give you a full, complete, detailed, and unbiased review of this product together with an “after” shot.

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