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Hey hey hey #MachoFam! I’m sure you missed reading my whitening soap reviews. It took a while for me to decide whether or not I should continue to write the reviews on my blog or start posting them on KikaysikaTV.  Realized that I find it easier to write in detail than it is to talk eloquently on videos. So.. great news! Reviews will still be here on the blog but I’ll compile my favorites and share what my current skincare routine is, or the products I use on the vlog.

Today we’ll be reviewing Shulammite Placenta Soap (SRP: 125php for 150g)! I realized I reviews this soap back in 2016 and seems they made a lot of improvement

Shulammite Placenta Soap Description

Shulammite Placenta Soap Review

Experience the benefits of natural Placenta, Again Oil, and Pearl with thie rejuvenating beauty bar. Shulammite Placenta Soap further enriched with Argain Oil and Pearl helps reduce wrinkles, smoothen the skin, and lighten blemishes like freckles and dark spots. Clinically proven to reduce wrinle depth in as little as 2 weeks*. It is non-irritating and gentle for sensitive skin.


Shulammite Placenta Soap Review
Shulammite Placenta Soap Review

Shulammite Placenta Soap Review

Packaging – It comes in a green and orange box while the soap is sealed in another plastic. This is to avoid moisture from going inside the soap.

Texture – Lathers very well and feels very moisturizing.

Ingredients – Finally! They have listed all the ingredient’s besides the sheep placenta extract.

Does it work? When I reviewed this soap in 2016 I told you that I hated it because it did absolutely nothing (read my old shulammite placenta soap review). But now it seems they improved the formulation drastically. My skin feels softer immediately after use and yes I do believe their claims of less visible wrinkles as early as 2 weeks.

It helped lighten my older acne scars but do not expect this to whiten your skin significantly. This is not a skin whitening soap.  I recommend using this with your favorite exfoliating toners or serums because this can only cleanse your skin. Used this soap alone and I noticed whiteheads and blackheads forming on my nose and chin.

This can be used on both the face and body! Will I buy this again? I’m hesitant.