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#silkamazing15 – Silka Launches New Products on Their 15th Anniversary!


Well hello there. As you can see I’m sitting comfortably in the middle of Trinoma Activity Center to celebrate Silka‘s 15th Anniversary! It’s wonderful that I didn’t have social anxiety that day and had the best time with my blogger friends. I remember the first time I used Silka and that was their body wash back in highschool. I loved it because it smelled like melons, and it didn’t melt unlike solid soaps do. From whitening soaps, they expanded their product line to more variants like lotions and creams. On their #Silkamazing15, they released their products that are more than just whitening. They’re anti-aging and moisturizing lotions filled with luscious ingredients such as Avocado and Shea Butter.

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

The morning event was hosted by the lovely Ms. Joyce Pring

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

There’s an entrance where you’ll see all the previous endorse of Silka Skincare Products.


There are also several activity booths where visitors can enjoy and get prizes

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

Joyce Pring with the Ms. Silka 2015

Happy 15th Anniversary Silka

With Blair and Ruth!


Make-up booths! It’s not just any make-up booth too. They chose really good make-up artists and anyone who sat on the chair looked effortlessly gorgeous afterwards.


These are 2 of their new premium products. Deep Hydration lotion with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk and Skin Whitening with Shea Butter. Both smells amazing and guess what? A lotion that finally has a decent amount of SPF! Both Silka lotions have SPF23 to keep our skin protected from the sun. You know naman how I always tell you to use spf spf spf! I always run out of sunblocks and these 2 would definitely be part of my daily skincare routine after bathing 🙂 The lotion comes in 3 different sizes – 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml.


*Some photos grabbed from my friend Ruth, kasi I was too busy having fun hhahahahahahaha  / saka naiwan ko yung loot bag ko sa bus pauwi ng batangas LOLS (


  • MommyCharm

    I like Silka’s smell kaso di sya effective na pampa-puti sakin. My youngest brother though said that this is effective on him as a whitening and anti-pimple soap. Buti pa sya, haha! ^-^

  • Precious Joy Angeles

    I used Silka din before Ms. Kat, I like the smell and nakaka soften siya ng balat but hindi siya gaano nakakaputi. But Silka was great. Sana naka attend din ako ng event na yan.

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