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10 Beauty Hacks That Will Make-Up Your Life Better


These are the best beauty hacks I’ve gathered and I like to share it with you. It’s 2017 y’all and I keep seeing tips and tricks targetted only for women. But who says makeup and beauty tricks are only for girls? Guys can wear makeup too. Let’s not restrict ourselves with gender conformity and embrace everyone as human beings. I’m pretty much revamping the blog to target everything basic. The essentials. Something that will last and be useful for eternity and not just sway with the trend! Enjoy!

#10 Use Orange and Green Concealer to Balance Out Undertones


#9 Apply foundation to the center of your face then spread out (not including the nose)


#8 Strategic places to apply perfume


#7 Apply bronzer in #3 for easy contour


#6 Use Translucent Powder to Bake Your Makeup


#5 This is the right way to conceal your eyebags


#4 How to conceal pimples flawlessly


#3 Blur the ends of your eyebrows to make it look seamless and natural


#2 Test Foundation on Your Neck not your face


#1 Eyeliner can double as your mascara


That’s all the 10 Beauty Hacks That Will Make-Up Your Life Better (pun intended)

Do you have any more tips and tricks to add? Have you tried any of these before? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! ^_^

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