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La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap Review and Give-Away!



A few months have past since I last reviewed a beauty soap because, there aren’t any innovative ones coming out lately. I already have my favorite beauty soaps that I use and trust. So today is a very special day! I’m reviewing La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap, and it’s called ultimate for a good reason. It’s sensitive-skin friendly face and body soap that’s brightening and anti-aging, loaded with luxurious ingredients that can be only found in expensive skincare products. However, this one is an affordable luxury that we can all use on a regular basis.

We’re feeling generous so thanks to La Chica Manila We’re GIVING AWAY 3 SETS of La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap to 3 lucky and loyal readers


La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap Facts

  • 100% local! I love supporting local soap makers and support filipino production
  • Proven safe for sensitive skin.
  • Owned, manufactured, and created by beauty brand expert Ms. Khristine Gabriel (Former spokesperson for Ever Bilena Cosmetics.
  • Where to buy?
  • How much does it cost? It’s 150php/bar



Hola Chica! Skip the dry, dull phase, and go straight to silky smooth skin in just one step! This all around brightening bar is wonderful in every way. It contains Carica Papaya to give you that ultimate coveted glow, Betafin to enrich the skin’s natural moisture, and Collagen to preserve its youthful radiance


La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap Ingredients

  • Carica Papaya Extract – exfoliant
  • Salicylic Acid – BHA or beta hydroxy acid, also an exfoliant
  • Collagen – anti-aging and moisturizing
  • Niacinamide – lessens dark melanin pigment, whitening agent
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – vitamin E, moisturizing
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil – tea tree oil, anti-bacterial and anti-acne
  • Arbutin – potent skin whitening agent



La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap Review

First and foremost, despite my obsession on having flawless skin, I’m LAZY AF. Aka tamad! If it’s possible to use as few products as possible to achieve my skin-goals, that’s what I will do. With La Chica Ultimate Beauty Soap, I can skip the lotion, toner, and moisturizer. Slathering sunblock for sun protection is all I need right after bathing and I’m good to go. So in reality, it’s 150php for the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Letting me save money in the long run.

Next, it’s gentle AF. Sorry I’m trying to be more millennial HAHAHA. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll definitely love this soap. Unlike most “whitening” soap bars, this has ZERO STING and is packed with nourishing and brightening ingredients. I repeat, it has collagen, tea tree oil, arbutin, papaya, salicylic acid, vitamin E, and niacinamide. Giving the word ULTIMATE justice.

Brightening? Yes indeed! Not only that, while it doesn’t make any promises like “7 days” or “2 weeks”, I can guarantee you that in less than a month’s time of using this soap my face looks fresher, younger, and rosier. My son can vouch for that! He keeps on complementing my skin looks happier daw.  Even without makeup.

Final Thoughts : Looks like this will be a staple soap in rotation along with my favorites. I want to share the feeling so I’m giving away a few bars so that my readers can try it as well! It’s a soap from a start-up company so it’s really sad if it gets discontinued kasi it’s really good huhuhu. Don’t forget to give me your feedback too!



Simply follow the directions below. I will pick 5 winners in random and winners will be announced January 31 2016. Happy new year!

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  • 1 entry per person only 🙂


  • Jennifer Timonel

    Juicecolored, gusto ko tong ma try. Perfect to sa age ko now. Aside sa pang flawless ito may collagen pa at super nakakatipid pa talaga sa sabi mo sis all in one na no need na mag lotion at toner. Hehehe… affordable din naman siya sa halagang 150 may toner at lotion kana dahil sa soap na ito. Hahahaha….
    Joined pala sa giveaway mo sis
    IG: @jhenny_duran

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