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[SKINCARE] Garnier Light Complete Multi-action Whitening Cream UV Protection Review

I’m an advocate of TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. So Hooray for Sachets!
This will be the first of my many reviews for whitening creams available in the Philippine Market so make sure to keep checking for upcoming posts. Garnier boasts a number of benefit upon using their whitening cream. I will list down the active ingredients based on their ingredients list to try and explain why and how it works


Active Ingredients


  • Snowpine White Source – I tried my hardest in researching what the heck snowpine whitesource is. To no avail, there aren’t any valuable results. All the articles that point back to Snowpine White Source just directs it to Garnier’s products. I hope Garnier provides more explanation to this ingredient since they are using this as their main selling point. If you have any idea what this ingredient is, it would be great if you can post it in the comments section below.
  • Salicylic Acid (Micro-smoothing Agent) – Salicylic acid is a BHA. Beta Hydroxy Acid that works to exfoliate skin. It helps unclog pores and smoothen out skin since it is an acid. Most products use this as their anti-acne agent or pore minimizing agent. Some people are sensitive to this ingredient so be aware.
  • Lemon Essence – A great source of vitamin C. We all know Vitamin C is known for lightening the skin.
I use this amount of moisturizer for the whole face

Bare face. No Makeup. Just with the Garnier Whitening Cream On. For those curious about my skincare, I just use random whitening soaps and take glutathione and vitamin C everyday.



After 2 weeks of usage, I’m pleased to say this did not cause me any breakouts or irritation. It leaves a slight dewy glow on your skin that provides a nice base to your foundation. I really recommend this moisturizer for dry skin. With regards to it’s whitening. It did give my skin more radiance instantly upon use but we can never really rely on whitening creams to give us that fair skin we want because they can only affect the upper layer of our skin which is the epidermis. The added SPF17 is good enough for short term sun exposure such as commuting through work or school.


What whitening creams have you tried and what worked for you?

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