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[SKINCARE] Olay Natural White Radiance vs Pond’s White Beauty Detox Whitening (Review, Photos)

Two whitening creams battle it out face to face (pun intended) to determine which is the better whitening cream of the the 2. Both come from reputable international brands that have been established for years. Olay is older than Pond’s but Pond’s have stayed longer in the Philippine market while Olay has been here for more or less 10 years.

They are the ones actively showing advertisments on TV, Print, and all forms of social media but the question is… do they work as they claim? Are they really any better than other whitening creams in the market? Which is the better whitening cream, Pond’s Detox or Olay White Radiance? You’ll soon get to see which one is the clear winner in the following review below. Both products have been tested for more than 3 months each on separate times.



Olay – Active ingredients are Niacinamide, Vit. C and Vit. E it is also infused with witch hazel for toning and titanium dioxide for sun protection.
Pond’s – Active ingredients are Niacinamide, Vit. B3, Vit. E with titanium dioxide for sun protection and ginseng extract for “detoxification” (I have a detailed review of Pond’s detox so just click this link to read)
Winner for ingredients: Olay. It has lesser more useful ingredients and it is not filled with so much fillers.



ย Packaging

Both can be bought in its usual squeeze tube form or sachets. No winner on this area as they both have the same packaging, aesthetics wise, Olay is classier.
DSC_0006-1024x575 (1)


Pond’s Detox

Texture & Finish

Olay – It has a lighter, smoother consistency that is easy to blend. It has a nice slip that makes it easy not to tug skin, it is also easily absorbed. It has a radiant glowy finish.
Pond’s – It has a thick, mousse like, matte texture that while it’s easy enough to blend, if you’re not careful, it dries up fast and it may leave unsightful white marks on your face. It also has a matte powdery finish. Thru time and heat, the product gets separated and gets a watery consistency that’s nasty.
Winner: Olay. Still.


Both have a light floral scent although Pond’s has a stronger fragrance than Olay so some people with sensitive noses might get put off.

Kikaysikat Disclaimer: Summer season is swim season so my skintone is less fair than usual even with consistent glutathione intake and use of sun protection. It’s more fun under the sun ๐Ÿ™‚

Bare faced. No Makeup.


Left: Ponds Right: Olay



There wasnt any much difference except for the texture and finish

Whitening Effectiveness

Pond’s wins this time. There is something about their formulation that really works in lightening dark spots. While Olay is good for an instant boost of radiance and moisturization, in terms of whitening effects Pond’s is really trusted to win this time. I mentioned before how much it worked for most of my peers and discovered it thru my Economics teacher way way back in highschool.

Over-all Winner

Since this is a whitening cream battle. Pond’s wins this time. If only they can improve the texture and longevity of the product. I also reviewed several whitening creams here if you’s interested.


What do you think? Have you tried both whitening creams already? How did they work for you?


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