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Honest Review: Nee Cara Liquid Blush (Swatches, Shades)

This will be my no-holds barred, honest to goodness review on one of the most hyped Thai makeup recently, the Nee Cara Liquid Blush (350php from @dearbeautifulph). 

Now they say this is a dupe of NARS Liquid Blush iJn terms of color selection and staying power. But is it really? Let’s find out today!



Only one drop for a day!

✔Long lasting


✔Sweat resistant Product of Thailand



Top-Bottom: N05, N04, N03, N02, N01

N01 on my cheeks



Packaging – A sturdy but heavy frosted glass with a black cap and a pump dispenser. According to the description, you only need 1 drop per area. You need to be accurately careful af to get the perfect amount. Not the most travel-friendly

Look at my swatches above. Does it look like it’s 1 drop? Nope. The amount of product I was able to dispense depends on the shade bottle and the product . It’s very inconsistent. 

Coverage – Sheer-Medium. It’s fool proof enough that even if you over apply, it still looks like a natural flush.

Colors – The shade selection is amazing. You get 5 colors in assorted tones and finishes.

  • N01 is a muted matte rose
  • N02 is a golden peach
  • N03 a matte watermelon red
  • N04 is soft muave
  • N05 is the shade of mud but looks oh so flattering when worn

Texture – Some are thick like N04 and N05, the lighter shades are watered down making them also sheerer.

Scent – Not a fan of its fragrance. It reminds me of cheap makeup sold in Divisoria (yes I buy those to try)

Longevity – Without any retouch on a hot humid day. It lasts a good 4 hours on my combination skin. 

Final Thoughts – Yep, the shade selection and finish of this product makes it a close dupe for NARS Liquid Blushes BUT the scent and inconsistency slightly turns me off. It’s also a bit exagerated when they claimed it to be water-resistant and sweat-resistant. (it isnt)

Will I still keep/use it? Yes. Definitely. Kaya ko naman tiisin yung scent it goes away after a while naman. 🙂







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