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Something for your Scar: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ Review

Yes, rosehip oil does work on scars especially if you use good quality oil. I can remember back in college I had a scar on my knee I got from playing basketball in elementary. Imagine,  a scar more than 5 years old. Although it was flat and non-keloidal it was still dark and unslightly making me conscious to wear shorts or skirts. I heard about rosehip oil on forums and Home TV Shopping but as it was very expensive (2995php up) I had to wait. I read a lot of scar removal cream reviews and heard this one works.
 Fortunately, the now-owner of Ellana Cosmetics used to sell rosehip oil when she was in college too. I met her up in SM Manila and bought from her some mineral makeup and rosehip oil. She sells them at an affordable rate. Anyway, long story short .After 3 months of using the rosehip oil on my knee scar, it faded into a very light color, almost near my skintone that makes it hardly visible on the naked eye.
Proof that rosehip oil indeed works! Sorry I do not have a photo to show you since it was years ago.
Last April, the good folks from Trilogy Skincare sent me 2 products to try and I was very happy when they told me it was made from Rosehip. What’s nice about their products is that it is certified organic, free-trade, and all natural. Rosehip is great for scars and preventing skin aging.



Can you see all the ingredients listed on the cream cleanser? It’s filled with oils and skin food that will make your skin happy! It doesn’t have any chemical preservatives. I tried this and it has a cool minty feel and an herbal scent. Some people may find the herbal scent a bit strong especially the scent of calendula. I find that it’s mild enough to use as an eye makeup remover and it can remove heavy makeup and stubborn dirt. I love massaging it on my face during warm showers.
Shelf Life: 6 months
Now since it’s pure and doesn’t have any chemical preservatives our Rosehip Oil is only good for 6 months. But you only need to use a few drops per use (4 drops) on your face so this is large enough to share to your mom, your hubby, or sibling. I put this at night and when I wake up in the morning my skin looks glowing, radiant, and fresh albeit a bit oily. I don’t use this when it’s summery hot.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil is good for scars and as night moisturizer on the face. It is a bit on the heavy side so I don’t recommend this to people with acne. I love how I wake up in the morning looking fresh with this oil. I’ll be sad if it runs out but it’s a bit on the pricey side.
They are available at SM NORTH EDSA and SM SOUTHMALL.
Also online at
Price is 1859php for antioxidant rosehip. 2000php for cleanser. Trilogy price range 1300 – 2200php.

KikaySiKat Rating 3/5 Stars


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