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Spiritual Wellbeing: 4 Reasons to Write Prayer Requests

For Christians, prayer is an essential part of the relationship they have with God. Praying connects believers with Jesus and allows them to feel the peace that only God can offer. When it comes to prayer requests, it is important individuals write them down. There are multiple reasons a person should write them down, and being aware of the reasons will help them to decide on incorporating this practice into their daily prayer life.

Prayer Is Essential for Your Relationship with God

As a Christian, prayer should be an integral part of your everyday life. The Lord wants to hear from His children, and talking with Him is just as important as in any relationship.

If you are interested in implementing this strategy in your prayer life, Cenacle Sister can help. Writing down prayer requests helps to encourage you to look beyond your situation and reach out in faith to get help from God.

4 Important Reasons for Writing Down Prayers

There are multiple reasons you should consider writing down all prayer requests. Those who choose to write down their prayers experience a range of benefits. The following are some integral reasons for writing down prayers.

  1. When you write down your prayers, it allows you to keep track of the answers. Often, individuals forget what they have prayed in the past, so they do not remember God’s answers. Keeping track of the written prayers and answers helps you to see how God continues to move in your life.
  2. Consistency in your prayer life is another reason for writing down prayer requests. Writing down your prayer requests will help you to be persistent and never give up on praying. You should not give up until your prayers are answered.
  3. Writing down prayer requests also helps you to remember to pray for others. Praying for others is a privilege and should be exercised on a daily basis. When you pray for others, you start to forget about your own worries.
  4. Writing down your prayer requests also helps you to improve the way you interact with others. If a person has been on your prayer request list for a long time, this should prompt you to visit them. Interaction with brothers and sisters is crucial for your walk with the Lord.

How to Get Started

If you don’t have the writing implements to hand, write your prayers down on your computer and print them out at a later date to decorate your home with. If you don’t have the writing implements to hand, write your prayers down on your computer and print them out at a later date to decorate your home with.

To get started on improving your prayer life, it is important to write down your prayer requests. Purchasing a special notebook is the best way to keep track of all your prayers.

A prayer notebook allows you to write down your requests as a part of your prayer life. Writing them down helps you to remember them and allows you to make sure your prayer life remains active.


If you are not writing down your prayer requests, now is the time to get started. Purchase a special notebook today and start working on making your requests made known to the Lord. You will be amazed at how this simple practice can transform your prayer life and even your relationship with God.

Consider the above reasons for writing down your prayer requests so you will be able to know whether you should start the practice as a part of your prayer life. Take simple steps and you will be able to start the process of overcoming any obstacles that are standing in the way of an effective prayer life.


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