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360 Fit Club, Trekking, Mt Pulag, and Gym Shoes

One morning when I was listening to The Morning Rush; The kikays mentioned something about writing. That every successful writer, simply writes about something that they love to do, experienced, or something they really know about.I’ve been rarely posting because as of now, my interests have been shifting. I’m still “kikay” but turning into a “sporty” kikay in a sense. Ever since I transferred to my new company; A company that highly prioritizes its employees fitness and well being, I’ve been more conscious on my own fitness as well.

The first step was joining a gym. I tried Curves at Serendra, but their gym equipment, or lack of variety in exercises bored the short-spanned self. Then I discovered 360 Fitness Club at Makati and it was love at first train.

You get a full work out in 30 min. When I say full, it means you get all tired and sweaty and you feel your fat burning. They have very friendly coaches.  The first time I tried it, I was so exhausted afterwards; but after 3 weeks, I feel a lot stronger, oh and my body fat percentage is lower by 7% now. You can find more information about in on their website and I highly recommend them! Since they also offer group classes. Their rates are affordable as well. I’ll post my updates in the future. Oh I wish I could post a “before” and “after” picture of my body! Haha!

I read about shoes to wear to the gym and found these pair at 50% off at Glorietta. They’re New Balance Minimus Zero Trails. It’s so light, and it’s perfect for gym use and lifting weights.



Last but not the least, our team is heading on to Mt. Pulag this weekend. I’m still packing my things and preparing. This will be the very first time I would climb a mountain. I’m so excited!!! I’ve been a nature lover ever since I can remember but lacked the opportunity to trek, hike, explore forests, and mountains. I even thought this “dream” would never come true because I gave birth and became a mom, and will become inactive.

But to other moms out there. That is not true. You can balance your work, life, and especially being a loving mom at the same time!

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I even found the perfect shoes! And this time it comes hand in hand with my kikay-ness because it’s in pink! Merrel Waterproof Maipo. It also has good reviews around the internet. It’s so comfy, and since theyre cross-trainers; I can also use it as a sub for my NB in the gym

That’s it folks! Hope I shared something relevant for you! 🙂

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