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The Secret Formula to that Perfect Fitness Filter on Instagram

This has got to be one of the shortest yet useful post I have on instagram filters. A few years ago, I posted 84 of the Best Filters on Instagram yet nothing came up to par with me current needs. The perfect fitness filter. What does this mean? It’s something that can highlight the muscles, shadow the cuts, sharpen the edges. After literally hours of browsing the web, eureka! I found it! So I’ll share it with you guys today 🙂

The Secret Formula for the Perfect Fitness Filter on Instagram

  • Sharpen 80%
  • Contrast 30%
  • Brightness 20%
  • Saturation 15%
  • Highlights -40%

Look, I don’t have the best body (yet) but here are a couple of before & after photos!

Oh, and happy birthday to my #machokid! ^_^


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