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#ThePerfectNude Lipstick – L’Oreal Star Collection (Photos, Review, Swatches)

Oh gosh, I don’t know how to begin this post. I’ve been gushing over these lipstick for the past 2 weeks now and I still can’t get over how delightful these are! Photos, reviews, and swatches of these babies up ahead.

Do you find it hard to find your perfect shade of nude? Too bright? Too dull? Too pink? Did you know that “nude” does not necessarily mean brown or beige? This is what I’ve discovered with L’Oreal Paris latest lipstick collection, the Star Collection. They finally perfected 5 different shades of nude to suit every skin tone a filipina has. Let’s face it, because of our history where different races has conquered our country, we have a diverse range of skin colors and we don’t have a distinct undertone. Cool, neutral, warm. Fair to dark.



The colours in this collection are inspired by popular female celebrities from L’oreal. A J-Lo lipstick!!!! *jumps up and down* Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect shade of J-Lo and it’s aptly named “Greige” I admit, the shade name isn’t very much enticing. Who wants to color their lips gray and beige? BUT WAIT! I tried it on and it’s the perfect shade of J-Lo. It’s not dull or boring at all. It’s glossy and it’s perfect for a smokey eye look. Can’t wait to share with you the swatches below!


L-R: Barely Greige, Barely Coral, Barely Moka, Barely Pink, Barely Plum
L-R: Barely Pllum, Barely Greige, Barely Moka, Barely Coral


Swatched on Hand


L-R: Barely Coral, Barely Moka, Barely Greige, Barely Pink, Barely Plum
Swatches after 24 hours

I put these on in the morning after taking a shower and went ahead through my day. The following morning I was surprised that they still stayed on my arms. IDEA! You can use these babies as cream blushers too!


Barely Coral
It’s an everyday shade that you won’t find it hard to match with different makeup looks. It’s a rich coral tone but since it’s sheer it can be built up to a stronger color.



Barely Plum
Plum really looks best on olive skin tone. It’s the perfect pink to those who’s tired of searching for the perfect pink color, maybe plum is for you?



Barely Greige
Jennifer Lopez’ shade of nude. Finally, her lipstick color perfectly matched. It can make you look pale if your eyes don’t have any makeup at all. Must be worn with full face!



Barely Moka
It’s a rich shade of red and brown. I can see my mom or my tita wearing this paired up with a suit. Perfect for corporate women who wants to project a strong woman of the world image

What I Like About L’Oreal Star Collection

  • It’s silky texture that glides like a dream
  • Has a glossy finish but it lasts long!
  • Pigmented
  • Shade blends onto your natural lip color, merging it, creating a unique lip color for you
  • Color can be built up. From sheer to pigmented!
  • Elegant packaging

What I Don’t Like About L’Oreal Star Collection


How much does it cost?

It retails for 625php per lipstick at any L’oreal Makeup Counters near you.
Love love love!!! What shade do you think suits me most? My personal favorites are Barely Coral and Barely Plum! I want to know what you think!
KikaySiKat Rating 5/5 Stars



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