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There’s No Mom Like You: PLDT Home releases new video series that celebrates every parenting style

Parents only want the best home for their families. But what if the home that they tirelessly build is constantly challenged by criticisms and judgments? In a new video series, PLDT Home reveals the most pressing issues that many parents face today and calls on families to speak up, connect, and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.


A perfect home is not defined by the bigness of its structure, intricate interiors, art-decorated walls, and the sturdiest roof one can buy. Ultimately, the home is a place where people build relationships and make meaningful memories with their loved ones. But for many parents, there has always been a constant challenge of being at the receiving end of unwanted remarks and shaming for the way they raise their families. 


Starting this month of May, PLDT Home introduces a new video series tackling real stories of parents who continue to overcome parent-shaming, the struggles of parent guilt, and the challenges of raising young children in this pandemic. Frontlining the series are parents and content creators Andi Manzano-Reyes, Camille Co, and media personality Marie Lozano. 

For Andi Manzano-Reyes, a mother of two girls (Olivia and Amelia), while pandemic parenting has been tough, the solid support system of her loved ones helped her get through and overcome parent guilt. “Stop second-guessing yourself, go by it daily and be focused. I’m thankful for the support system I have at home: the whole pandemic has made me realize the core people I need in my life,” she said.


Media personality Marie Lozano shares, “Pre-pandemic, I was out a lot for work and I missed out on a lot of things with my son. This situation where we are now has made me realize what really matters. We have such high expectations for ourselves in how we parent but what matters most is we show or remind our children that we love them.”


As a new mom, Camille Co reveals that there’s a whole lot more about parenting that people don’t see on social media. She says, “Being able to grow a human inside you and sustain the baby once you give birth is the most special thing that a mother can experience. But it’s not all peaches and cream. Sometimes you get so sad and frustrated and it’s okay. We need to trust the process and enjoy this experience as parents.”


Indeed, there is no one-size-fits-all in parenting. And to honor parents for their relentless efforts and unique ways to raise their children the best way they can, PLDT Home fosters a movement that inspires them to embrace their own parenting styles and support one another to do the same.


As the country’s fastest fixed network, PLDT Home enables families to enjoy the strongest connections that allow them to do all things better and together at home. PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Home Business Butch G. Jimenez shares, “Digital connectivity has always been at the core of every home. PLDT continues to innovate and provide the most reliable digital services so that families can stay strongly connected and do better at home with our fastest home broadband.” 


In the new video series, PLDT Home emphasizes that “there’s no time like this and there’s no parent like you.” Watch the latest heartwarming digital video series in this link: PLDT HOME and join the movement by posting online with the hashtag #NoMomLikeYou.


  • Rochelle Jimenez

    Mother’s day is just around the corner. It is a joyous celebration honoring our mothers. And usually highlited in this occasion is the hardwork, sacrifice and love of a mother. But there is another side of it that we need to see. And with this project of PLDT, we will be able to know the other struggles of every parents particularly our mother. With this, we can appreciate them more knowing what they are really going in to.

  • Apple Joy Camañero

    Napaka ganda ng bagong series video ng PLDT lalo na ngayong malapit na ang mothers day mas mkikita pa natin lahat ng hirap at sakripisyo ng bawat nanay pati na din sknilang walang hanggang pagmamahal . ❤️ yung mkapagpsalamat man lang tayo sa lahat ng sakripisyo nila ❤️

  • Edgardo Roxas

    This Blog was So Amazing, Super worth to Read and watch the Video na sobrang nakakatouch because of showing how Mothers Love So Much.. sobrang Sarap panuorin, At kung paano din natin patuloy maipaparamdam sa kanila ang pagmamahal, Thanks sa pag Share nito Mommy Kay, Namis ko Tuloy si Mothee Jan sa Pinas … PLDT Home is highly recommended

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