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5 Reasons Why B Vitamin Supplements Are Crucial if You’re Dieting

Let’s face it; dieting trends aren’t going anywhere. While people start them with good intentions, they often lead to less than favorable results. 

This is common in vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyles, especially if you recently enrolled in Free Online Nutrition Courses. When prepared correctly, plant-based diets can be rich in nutrients and almost completely satisfy your body’s natural needs. That being said, your body may become B vitamin deficient. 

Fortunately, there are inexpensive and tasty supplements, like apple cider vinegar gummies,that restore B9 and B12 vitamins in your body. Here are several ways that you can benefit from a B vitamin boost if you’ve recently become deficient due to a lifestyle change. 

1) Improved Pregnancy

Having a low concentration of vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, could lead to various complications in your body. A 1976 study demonstrated that pregnant women who exhibit a lack of vitamin B9 leading up to and during their pregnancy could cause their child to be born with spine and brain deformities. 

We highly recommend that women who are planning to start or grow their family ensure they’re getting enough B9. 

2) Less Fatigue and More Energy

In severe cases, a lack of this vitamin in your body can lead to an acute form of anemia. However, the most common symptoms to manifest are increased feelings of fatigue and weakness. As a result, one common reason that many people begin taking vitamin B12 supplements is to promote healthy red cell development.

3) Regulated Blood Flow

Even if you aren’t worried about anemia, a healthy amount of vitamin B12 regulates your blood vessels and improves the way your entire body works. 

Having a low concentration of vitamin B12 in your bloodstream commonly leads to an increase in your body’s homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid located in your bloodstream. Having too high a concentration of that particular acid has been linked to an increase in age-related macular degeneration, or vision loss. So, you even can thank B vitamins for healthy eyesight. 

4) Faster Nutrient Absorption in the Body

Having low levels of vitamin B12 is most commonly brought on by not consuming enough meat and other animal products. Meat and dairy are pretty much the only way for your body to acquire the B12 that it needs naturally. This means that if you have been enjoying a vegan diet and lifestyle, you’ll have to find an alternative source for your body to get its necessary intake of vitamins. 

Supplements are becoming increasingly popular, and some recent observational studies have even posited that supplemental B vitamins are absorbed more efficiently than those found naturally in meat and dairy.

5) Better Hair, Nails, and Skin

Do you feel like your diet or lifestyle change is making your hair less shiny and your face more fatigued? You might be onto something. If you lack B12, you may enjoy a huge glow-up just by taking vitamins. 

B vitamins promote healthy hair and skin growth. So, you can expect not only to feel better but also to look healthier when you take B supplements. 


We place a lot of focus on lean diets with reduced carbs and lots of greens. While that’s important, a lot of people forget the value of vitamins if their diets aren’t providing them with the nutrients they need to feel healthy. 

We couldn’t recommend taking B vitamins enough if you’re going through a diet or lifestyle change. These supplements will bring nutrients into your body faster than meat products, give you an energy boost, and make you look healthier. 

Plus, they’re simple to take. You can take two in the morning with breakfast without worrying about extra calories. What’s not to love? 

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