What’s Up Wednesday?! – Manila Blog Convention, L’Oreal Revitalift X3, Yes with Silka

Just like how humpdays can get the best of you, it got the best of me. Yellow Wednesday! I’ve been trying to be more “organized” in blogging and experimenting on different segments, as not to make my readers nauseous from reading the same topic over and over.  So… every Wednesday, I’ll try to share stories of events I’ve recently been to. Laziness? Not really. I just want to compress everything in a single file so it’s more entertaining to read (well, that’s what I think!)

and I can’t stand cheese. I tried to do all promotional and cheesy before (#tbt but now I just can’t…)

 It’s in Alphabetical Order as not to show any favoritism. 

I do go to these events because I enjoy meeting other people and experience new things. You probably notice I don’t attend to  every blog event.  I choose where I go to. I don’t want to burden myself writing about things I’m not remotely interested in. 
Oh.. I already resigned from work and quit my day job last Friday to chase my dream. *wink* kaya I apologize for the additional ads you’re seeing. Lol I need to pay the bills! 

Manila Blog Convention – Blog O Speak at St Paul Manila

nope I’m not tan it’s the lighting

 I was invited by my blogger friend Geleesh to speak at the first ever Manila Blog Convention held at St. Paul Manila. My topic was “Jumpstart Your Blog“. I shared blog essentials from writing content, building SEO, and make papansin in social media. There was a quick Q&A too

 Geleesh, Sai, and Sumi were on the earlier shift so I took their photo. They discussed “finding your niche” and how to build offline relationships in the blogging community. I don’t know the name of the other girl sorry! ^_^;

Who’s interested in Blogging 101 with me? We can possibly do an exclusive seminar if there’s enough people who’ll join!

L’Oreal Revitalift X3

L’Oreal Philippines also launched the latest product in their anti-aging skincare line Revitalift; the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Laser Total Care. It promises to correct lines, reduces dark spots, and even out skin tone within 30 days. They claim it has a fresh texture that is easily absorbed in the skin. I loved their revitalift blur cream and featured it a few months ago.
It was pretty intimate and held at one of my favorite places in Makati. SM Beauty Department at SM Makati. They had machines that can determine what age your skin is na. Can you guess what my results are?

 L’Oreal Revitalift X3 Claims 

  • Minimal pores
  • No blemishes
  • Normal Skin
  • A few fine lines on forehead/undereyes
  • Age: 31
WTH?! I was expecting I looked younger. Hehehe… The result motivated me to really use Revitalift X3

So yup, I’m currently using this during the day time for 1 week now so there’s 3 more weeks to go to see the results. Will my lines be lesser? Will I look 21? Let’s see…

Yes with S Yes with Silka

One of my requirements for a good whitening lotion is a lotion with SPF. I mean, what’s the use of the skin whitening ingredients in your product if you don’t plan on protecting it from the sun? That’s why when Paul ( invited me to one of his events for Silka, I said yes. YES. I had the hint they’re improving their lotion. YES.
The event proper was lunch, launch, and a quick inspirational Q&A with co-bloggers Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales. 
 SPF 30!!! YES!!!!
With my good friend, fashion blogger Phyaboooo of Stylecentric (
I reviewed their silka papaya soap before and it was one of my staples when I needed something light, gentle, and smell like candy melons. (Their lotion also smell like candy melons) so who knows, I might review the lotion of of these days. I might.
What do you think of What’s Up Wednesdays?

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