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Tips & Tricks: Stretchmark Prevention

The image, you are about to see below is very scary..


Now it has been said that once you get stretchmarks, it would be very difficult to remove them. It would take a lot of peels, dermatology sessions, surgery and more. No miracle cream can remove the unslightly damage.
However, we also know that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. So it’s better that we take care of our skin before it’s too late.

Stretchmarks are usually caused by stretching of the skin rapidly and without proper moisturization. Others say if your family has stretchmarks, you too can have them. Pregnancy is also the leading cause of stretchmarks in women, other than rapid gaining or losing of weight.

I’m currently almost my due date and thankfully, no stretchmarks have appeared.. yet. But I am doing this trick that I heard from my grandparents from provinces that they said it really helped them a LOT. Better than over the counter creams and lotions.

The miracle? It’s virgin coconut oil.If you check out my post here, I raved about VCO as a cheap makeup remover. But do you also know that this miracle oil can be used to prevent stretchmarks.

VCO is easily absorbed by the skin and gives a protective barrier against itchiness and dryness. The more we scratch our bellies, the more marks it would cause. BUT! If you really really want to scratch, just slather some VCO on the part you want to scratch, and scratch away.

So for those soon to be mommies out there, go ahead, try it for yourselves. It’s a lot cheaper than *ehem*palmers*ehem* and it works too!


  • Khymm

    is that you're tummy K?! ako wala naman akong stretchmarks sa tummy kasi panay lotion ko dun nung preggy pa ako. Sa may butt area yun ang madami (coz di ko linagyan masyado before)! almost 2 years na pero its visible pa rin, pero ng-lighten naman ng konti.. i just regularly apply lotion.

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