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Mood Lipgloss?! Mood Rings are Now Things of the Past

This info was shared to me by a friend. Imagine a lipgloss that changes color depending on your mood. If you’re bored, happy, fun, or feeling romantic. 

Here’s the info from Too Faced Cosmetics:
Are you in love jealous, angry, happy or hot and bothered? Your lips will tell the tale and allow you to express yourself like never before, Mood Swing’s secret blend of essential oils and extracts improves elasticity and rejuvenates lips while natural sunscreens insure a younger looking smile.
Too be honest, I think the gloss just reacts to temperature, and it kinda makes sense that our temperature also depends on our mood sometimes. Me thinks this can also be used to check if you’re sick with flu or fever! Haha!
So.. what do you guys think of this product? Havent tried this, and wont even dare to waste cash on this one.
Here’s a good review on the product:


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