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Travel: 4 of the World’s Best Hot Springs

4 of the World’s Best Hot Springs


Before the birth of spa treatments, people travelled to natural hot springs when they wanted to relax and rejuvenate their muscles in a calm and serene environment. Today, people still travel to these places to get a holistic experience as they can sit in natural, bacteria-free and soothing hot water amidst a dramatic landscape.

Here are our top four of the best hot springs in the world.

Bath, England


Known to be one of the oldest hot springs in the world, the Thermae Bath Spa complex is sourced by ancient rainwater that has been stored in the region’s limestone faults. At a balmy 47 degrees Celsius, this hot spring abounds with more than 42 minerals

To get to this hot spring, take a flight to London, and from there a train to Bath.

Source: summer_dreams004

Saturnia, Italy


Legend has it that these waters are a gift from the Gods, as it is believed to have sprung up at the place where Jupiter’s thunderbolt fell during his battle with the Sun. Today, millions of people visit this place to enjoy its magical water that originates from a dormant volcano called Monte Amiata. These waters contain high levels of sulphur and plankton that prove to be beneficial for muscle and joint issues.

To reach Saturnia, take a flight to Rome and local transportation from there.

Source: turtlek75

Takaragawa Onsen, Japan


Japan is well-known for its hot springs, and Takaragawa is its most scenic. Surrounded by mountains and trees, these outdoor baths were once used by samurais as they are believed to heal bruises and improve blood circulation.

To enjoy these hot springs, hop on a flight to Tokyo, take the local train to Minakami and a bus from there.

Source: Mark Fiorello

Pamukkale, Turkey


Located in the Turkish city of Denizli, these hot springs are loaded with calcium and look like a white cover from afar. This is why it is called Pamukkale, which literally translates to “cotton castle.” There are 17 springs in all, and these are believed to do wonders for your bones and joints.

To get here, take a flight to Istanbul and use local transportation to Denizli.

Source: Anne & David Brock

 Would you like to visit one of these hot springs anytime soon?

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