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Travel Diary: Buhay OFW sa Singapore PART 1


No you will not see breathtaking travel photos. This is my disclaimer. My memory of Singapore is blurry even. I’m writing my travel diary as an OFW in Singapore to keep memories before they are gone. I regret not taking enough photos to use in blogging. I was there to work, because I came there to “save” a marriage that should never be. I’ll write what I can. Even in short bursts of sentences. So do not expect as this is a personal musing than a travelog.

This is PART 1 of a 3 Part Buhay OFW sa Singapore Series



I worked as an IT Consultant and Database Analyst for NETS Singapore for 5 months. The guy on the photo is Arvin. My kumare roommate who became my support system and shoulder to cry on as it was tough times indeed.


I tried to cook. When I miss pinoy homecooked meals. Here’s my attempt at Sopas. I also began to be more “fashionable”. My favorite lunch at work is grilled fish and rice from a Japanese kiosk.


I cooked chicken Adobo based from my lolo’s recipe. I loved drinking Soya Milk at Mr. Bean and look KFC Chicken at 6.75 SGD per meal. Did you know that there’s MR. Bean in Eastwood Mall?


I drew on my idle times. I went home to Manila almost every week to see my baby. I get homesick easily and I cry every night. It’s tough to be alone in a strange country.


I was doing all of this for him. Then I realized something. My son needs me more, not money.


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