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Why are Filipinos Addicted to Milk Tea? | From a Milk Tea Junkie

Are you addicted to milk tea? Don’t worry my friend because you are not alone. I have a confession to make. I’m a milk tea junkie myself. While I’m writing this I’m already thinking what kind to get. Wintermelon? Okinawa? Thai? Regular with boba? Honeydew?


Long queue of milk tea lovers at Macao Imperial Tea

When the milk tea craze first arrived in the Philippines 8 years ago, we all probably thought it would be a fad. But no. It consumed us. Long lines are everywhere and not just with one brand. People are flocking. Milk tea is a must after every meal!  It became part of our culture. But why? How?!


Can you spot how many times a cup of milk tea appeared on this photo?

Milk Tea in a Nutshell

Milk tea first originated in Taiwan from Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan. Its founder, Liu Han-Chieh, observed how the Japanese served cold coffee (while on a visit in the 1980s) and applied this method to tea. (source: Wikipedia)

The basic ingredients are simple: tea, milk, and tapioca (also known as boba, bubbles, or pearls)

 A 400g serving of bubble milk tea with pearls holds 231 calories (compared to a 330ml can of soft drink that has about 140 calories). With a whopping average of 40g of sugar (if you’re getting the hundred percent)


Why is Milk Tea addictive?

If you’re going to look at the basic scientific perspective. We can conclude it’s addictive because of its high sugar content. And sugar is one of the most addictive legal substance around. Dangerous stuff! But I chose to look at milk tea in a different light.


Why are Filipinos Addicted to Milk Tea?

I don’t want to generalize so please, comment below why you’re hooked to this delicious drink.


But here’s my 2-cents and the answer is pretty simple. Milk tea is anchored to happiness. Think about it.

  • Happy Leaf
  • Happy Lemon
  • Gong Cha (means emperor)
  • Macao Imperial
  • Dakasi
  • Cha Time
  • Serenitea


Find anything similar? Most of their brand names are anchored to words that mean peace, happiness, joy, break time, relaxation. Taking a sip of the mixture of creamy milk and caffeine induced tea brings an instant jolt of euphoria that temporarily rids us of daily stress. Like how toxic our social media feed is sometimes. Also at around 80php-150php a cup, it’s a cheaper alternative to more expensive sources of joy like gadgets, cosmetics, and clothing.

Sure we’ll probably pee it in a few hours. But at least in a few minutes, it made us; Happy 🙂


Have you had your cup today?

My Top 5 Favorite Milk Teas in the Philippines

  1. Happy Lemon Rocksalt & Cheese Green Tea extra cheese 70% Sugar Extra Ice
  2. Dakasi Roasted Milk Tea with Gonkaichuwhatever pearls 50% Sugar
  3. Cha-Time Thai Honey Milk Tea (limited edition)
  4. Gong-Cha Milk Wintermelon
  5. Happy Leaf Honeydew 25% Sugar





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