Why You Need to Check out a Medical Spa

There are few things in life that sound better than a heading to a spa. Relaxing music, soft lights, and a massage can be just the beginnings of a relaxing afternoon, day or if you’re really lucky, weekend.


There are plenty of spas out there, all offering different treatments and packages for your relaxation and enjoyment.


Have you ever heard of a medical spa? It might sound odd to throw the word “medical” in front of a spa, but you may have visited one without even knowing it or browsed through one before. There are just over 4,000 medical spas in the U.S. alone with the majority of them being in the southern parts of the United States. 


If you have never graced a medical spa with your presence, you should think about making it your next spa destination.


So, what is a medical spa?

Medical spas go by a few other names as well, including medi-spa or med spa. The easiest way to describe one is they are a combination between a day spa you know and love and a medical clinic. A medical spa has a healthcare professional overseeing the entire operation. It could be a licensed doctor, nurse or some other professional.


There are many different types of medical spas (more on that later) and many specialize in a certain aspect of healthcare and wellbeing. 


So does this mean they’ll be taking your pulse or drawing blood while giving you a charcoal mask? Not exactly.


What do they offer?

Getting down to the brass tacks: what do they do? Well, you’re going to find a number of spa treatments you’re used to, like massages, facials, and skin care. 


On top of all the classic spa options you’re familiar with, they may also offer laser hair removals, medical facials, chemical skin peeling, photorejuvenation, botox treatments, tissue tightening, and acne treatment. 


Not every medical spa will offer all these options and some medical spas may offer more than what is listed above. 


What kind of medical spas are there?

There are many different kinds of medical spas. Although over 80% of medical spa clients are women, there are some spas that specialize in male treatments. There are spas that focus on anti-aging services that include diet and fitness advice.


If you have recently been out of the hospital, there are hospital medical spas which comply with local hospital regulations and will aid in your recovery or rehab. 


Dental spas make up a small part of the medical spa industry and offer services such as teeth whitening or mouth renovation procedures. 


There are even some medical spas that offer tourist or group packages if you’re looking to make it an event.


Why should I go?

At this point, you may be thinking why you should think about going. A spa is great for relaxing and you can always go to a place that specializes in laser hair removal or botox treatments. 


The reason many people turn to medical spas is the sense of comfort and relaxation. Going under the knife or getting your hair removed by a scary laser can be a difficult experience for some and it’s easier to receive all types of treatment in one place. 


Or your case could be unique and would fall under one of the various medical spas listed above. You could be recovering or looking to improve your diet and fitness regime


Medical spas are also always on the cutting-edge of all types of treatment and can be cheaper than going to a plastic surgeon’s office. 


How do I find one?

Thankfully, we have the internet to bring you the ideal medical spa. Not all medical spas are equal and as we have seen before, some even become more specialized. With thousands around and the industry set to see a growth in the future, there is bound to be a medical spa close to you.


Make sure you do your research on the treatments you want and check out online reviews. Finding a place that is receiving quality feedback and repeat customers is a great place to start. You may also want to see if the medical spa or any treatment is covered by your insurance or partially covered. 

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