Will You Be Kind to a Stranger?

I boot up my laptop immediately in this coffee shop after my random kindness encounter. I was shipping out my prizes from my contests from my IG in LBC when the LBC ladies started talking about an old lady outside about to faint. I looked outside the glass door and there she was, the old lady; bald, wearing a mask and looked frail. She was standing there doing nothing, but she looked as if she was about to tip over. I stared for a few seconds and wondered what I should do. 
We Filipinos have that “hiya” factor, even if what we’re going to do is actually a good thing. Others may have fear that they might get in trouble if they helped out. I mean, bakit tayo mahihiya if we have no ill intentions? I snapped back to reality and immediately came to her aid. 
I asked her “Ate okay lang po ba kayo?” (Miss okay lang po ba kayo?
she responded “Medyo nahihilo lang, andyan yung asawa ko nagpapa-xerox” (I’m slightly dizzy, my husband is there *points to Copytrade* photocopying papers
I couldn’t leave her there standing so I asked her if she wanted to sit inside LBC while waiting for her husband.
 She said “Okay lang ba?” 
I looked at the LBC ladies and they looked nice naman and even opened the door. “Opo, maupo muna kayo” (Of course, sit down for a while) which she did.
One of my realization in this experience is when we have the opportunity to be kind to someone, even to a random stranger, be kind. Even simple things such as helping someone pickup dropped coins, opening a door to someone carrying a lot of things, letting an old lady or a pregnant woman sit down in public transit. Being kind to someone gives a different kind of elation and positive feeling. You gave, and yet you were rewarded with something better. You are rewarded not with fame, or money but you’re rewarded with  joy that you did good to someone.

I hope you share this story to your friends and let’s help inspire everyone to BE KIND. 🙂

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