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Beach Born Witch Hazel Extract Review


Isn’t it great? That whenever I get a new pimple here and there, I also get to review a new product to remove it. The culprit of this cystic acne on my mouth and chin area is no other than using Close Up toothpaste. I was in manila for a few days and this one was the available toothpaste at home. Too kuripot to purchase even a sachet or tube. To be honest I gave Close Up the benefit of the doubt that’s why I stuck to it, but look. 🙁


 I reviewed several anti-acne products already. But a few weeks ago Beach Born sent me a few of their new products together with old favorites. One of which is their WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT. Today we’ll be reviewing the witch hazel extract and how it works overnight on my cystic acne but before that, a quick round-up with Beach Born. A lovingly local filipino brand.


Don’t worry, full review of the witch hazel extract below so just keep on readin!



My love affair with Beach Born started with their Sea Salt Spray, it whiffs of lavender and gives hair that natural beach wave curls. Now they have the following products available!

  • Aloe-Ha – Handcrafted with beeswax to protect, castor oil to seal in moisture + lots of other nourishing good stuff for your best and pinkest lips yet!
  • Sunset Spray – If you want sleek and straight. The perfect heat protection and natural smoothening then this is perfect. It smells just as good as their Seasalt!
  • Witch Hazel Line – Includes their facial wash, serum, and spray. Witch Hazel is one of my favorite skincare ingredients. Learn more below.

Witch Hazel Extract for Acne – Does it Work?

The bark, twigs, and leaves of the witch hazel plant are used to extract active properties known as tannins and polyphenols which are added either to water or alcohol to produce distilled witch hazel extract or witch hazel water. It’s the tannins in witch hazel extract that make it a natural astringent, as they help to remove excess oil from the skin. That’s why it’s considered one of the best natural acne treatments out there and is used in all sorts of washes and treatment gels.


No ingredients list 🙁 Hi beach born, if you’re reading this I hope you disclose the full ingredients on the label next time.

Plants like witch hazel contain a high level of polyphenols; the same compounds used to create anti-aging supplements that help slow down disease. As it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it’s able to battle free radicals to protect against DNA damage. (source: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/witch-hazel-on-face/)





It’s a bit liquid in texture so expect dripage. I dabbed a drop on my cystic pimple and left it overnight.

AFTER – Overnight


I’m sooooooo happy!!!!!! Pimples are not only ugly but they also hurt like hell. I woke up with this one FLAT and not painful anymore. Even the pus was gone. I’m keeping the bottle handy now in case of emergencies.


Where to find Beach Born Products? https://beachborn.ph


Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this review. However the products were sent to me for a possibility of PR if I find the products worth of writing. And it is.


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