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MAC RUBY WOO (Review, Photos, Swatch) | Best Red Lipstick Ever?


I can’t believe my favorite red lipstick has been featured by buzzfeed style! Can you take a guess what it is?! They did an experiment where women of different skin tones and color wear the same shade of red lipstick that claimed to be universally flattering.


The red lipstick looks good on Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub


Looked so good I was inspired to do a Yayadub-esque Makeup and FOTD that day. How did I fare?
Okay, here’s another clue. A swatch.



If you guessed Mac Ruby Woo congratulations! You’re right! Look how amazing it looks on any skin tone. Dark, Fair, Medium.




This is a staple lipstick in my kikaykit as it instantly and effortlessly brightens up the face. An instant confidence boost! The best part is, it’s fool-proof. So if you’re a first timer with red lipsticks, Mac Ruby Woo is your safest bet. It is dry as a crayon though but it can easily be remedied with a good lip balm.



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