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Your Ultimate Guide to Looking Amazing on Prom Night

While the details may seem overwhelming, prom is one of the biggest nights in a teen’s life. Despite popular belief, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the fanciest dress to have fun. Then again, who doesn’t want to stun their peers with a show-stopping look?

Whether you’re a girly girl or not, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel your best in your prom attire. To have the perfect prom night, the key is preparation. While pulling off a great look at the last minute is possible, planning ahead can save you a lot of worry. See below for more on looking amazing at your prom!

First Things First: The Dress

Both online and offline, the choices of prom dresses can be overwhelming. To make the search easier, consider searching for retailers that carry name brands, like JVN Prom Dresses, to find the best stores with the hottest styles of 2019.

While top brands are glamorous, dress shopping is all about picking the dress you feel beautiful in. So, before paying, be sure your dress makes you feel amazing. Remember ladies, confidence is the most important accessory you can wear!

Next Up, Makeup

From minimalists to makeup addicts, prom is the perfect opportunity to try a new look. Consider using prom to try out that perfect shade of red you’ve had forever or the highlighter you just bought.

Prom is the night to be bold. Just be sure not to overdo it. Make sure your makeup compliments your dress and doesn’t distract from your gorgeous ensemble. Be bold and have fun with your look. It’s your night to shine!

Now for The Hair

We all have a few go-to styles up our sleeves. But again, prom is your chance to try something new. Whether you want to wear it up or down, new hairstyles are perfect compliments to any outfit. Ask your hair stylist about popular prom hairstyles like French braids, chained braids, rolled updos, and half updos.

Be sure to choose a look you like, but don’t be afraid to kick your usual ponytail up a notch or add some curls to your straight hair. It is all about what makes you feel beautiful.

Do Your Jewelry Justice

Whether bling is your thing or you prefer to keep things simple, jewelry is a great way to play up any outfit. For the girl with a high neck-lined dress, decorative earrings are a great way to enhance your look.

On the other hand, those who choose a daring V-neck should consider a complimentary pendant or necklace to add a bit of sass to their look. Jewelry is a simple yet elegant way to change an ordinary look from drab to fab. A good rule of thumb with jewelry is to be sure it all matches and doesn’t overpower your outfit.

Finally, Shoes

Ever since we were little, we’ve known that the right pair of shoes can change a girl’s life. For prom, the goal is finding that perfect pair combining comfort and style. For most, your shoes may not stay on long once you find the dance floor.

However, finding a cute and supportive pair of shoes is still an excellent idea. Whether you like heels or flats, your shoes should be something you feel great in. So, remember that you can rock something other than heels this season.

Remember To Own It!

Whether you choose to rock a bold eyeshadow or a killer red dress, prom is all about enjoying yourself. So, consider the above information to find a way to make prom your runway for the night! Enjoy!

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