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Hagod Worthy Hair with Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner


I confess. Ever since I started to use #PalmoliveNaturals Cream Conditioner Silky Straight, I cannot stop doing the hagod on my hair. It has become a positive habit; because for some women, hagod is a sign of confidence. It’s a gesture that implies I’m in control and ready to take on the world! It’s a gesture of  having a great hair, stroking my soft hair from root to tip.


You can read my Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner in Silky Straight Review too


I’m so happy that I made the right choice of conditioner. I managed to convince 2 of my best blogger friends to make the switch too and we all can’t help but do the hagod!




“My hair is noticeably soft, smooth, it smells so good!” – Phylicia Marie of Stylecentric



“I can’t help but hagod because it’s so smooth, it feels natural, even my boyfriend loves it!” – Blair of



I'd like to hear your thoughts, please do comment below. If you have feedbacks, suggestions, comments. Basically, it makes my heart fuzzy to know you were here :)


I made the switch, they made the switch, and Palmolive is definitely the cream conditioner of our choice.  I highly suggest you make the switch too –  you won’t regret it! Grab a tube of Palmolive Naturals Conditioner now in stores near you!

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  • First time to know “hagod is a sign of confidence”, maghagod na nga rin ko ng buhok lagi. hehehe!

  • I’d do the hagod too in the coming days right after our grocery trip! Hehe! Would be trying this Palmolive conditioner 🙂

  • EveMarfa

    Haven’t tried Palmolive Conditioner but i love the smell of their shampoo. I’ll check this out on my next grocery trip.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Will surely try the Palmolive conditioner, too, as i love to make hagod my hair din. Heard and read from a number of blogs that Palmolive has indeed nice conditioner.

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I suffer from massive hair fall lately so I can’t really try the new shampoo products nowadays and have to stick to organic for now. I’m sure this one’s pretty good esp if you were able to convince two other girls to make the shift with you.

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    I can hear Megan Young singing the “hagod” jingle! I think it’s going to be my LSS for hours! haha. I haven’t tried Palmolive yet, why did I ever forget to buy this one for a trial at the grocery instead of my previous conditioner.

  • Jackie

    I love your video! Awesome job on it! I didn’t even know what hagod meant before reading this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • I’ve tried Palmolive in the past but it didn’t work with my hair and scalp. So, I tried other brands until i found one that didn’t give me dandruff.

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    I think I’ll cut my hair a tad shorter first so I can have it down without feeling so hot. And then I’d go out and try this so I can hagod all I can also haha!

  • Parang ang sarap naman mag-hagod ng hair sa Palmolive. haha

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    I use Palmolive shampoo but a different conditioner. Seems like worth a try though.

  • Haha! Quite catchy this jingle! I love how consistent Palmolive is with their campaigns.

  • I love the new packaging! Palmolive user here for years now because it makes my hair soft and smooth!

  • I’m familiar with the commercial so when I read the title of your post, the song immediately came to mind. Haha! 🙂 Glad that the product works for you. I’ve also experienced using Palmolive naturals conditioners before but I’m trying a different brand now.

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