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Camera Posing 101

Quarter side. Hand over waist. feet closer together to give illusion of slimmer legs and smaller waist. Don’t forget to smile!
So I  found a bunch of before and after photos that can give you the illusion of a slimmer figure. I searched for these because as a beauty and lifestyle blogger, I’m not an expert on posing yet. Most of my shots are wacky and crazy HAHAHA. So I thought what the hey this might help not just me, but YOU my readers! Let me know if you have any other pose suggestions or special tricks. No filters. No Liquify.

Try to achieve a 45 degree angle than posing face forward. It will make your legs look longer, arms thinner.

Stand straight, bend legs. Feet together! Butt out!

A side profile is always better for those with bigger bone structure

One word HEELS

Yes to S

The S gives an illusion of a sexy silhouette

What do you think of her poses?
Avoid slouching to prevent your flabs from showing

Show your face of course!

In this photo I think the left side looks better. Do you agree?

Must. Not. Breathe. LOL.

Watch your hands.

I hope some of these tricks helped! If you have any other tips or reactions feel free to share on the comments section below!

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