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10 Benefits of Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy with Favori Scents


Hi guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you 7 benefits of using essential oils and aromatherapy .I used to ignore oils and fragrances when I receive them as gifts. I thought they were useless and for old people who wants to feel fancy. After experiencing and immersing myself in different fragrance oils fro Favori I admit. I was wrong to judge. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy has benefits beyond what most of us know. They are more than just scents. They’re beneficial to our health, well-being and feelings.

7 Benefits of Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

#7 Purifies the Air


Aroma diffusers help purify the air. Furthermore, essential oils that are added to a diffuser increase the purifying effect because they can help kill bacteria and fungus that are present in the air. Research has shown that oregano, cinnamon bark, thyme and clove bud are the strongest and most effective antibiotic oils.

#6 Reduces Dust in the Air


Aroma diffusers have an ionizing effect. The air quality is improved because more negative ions are released into the air. These ions attach themselves to the positive ions, which causes dust to fall on the ground (so that it no longer pollutes the air). At the seashore and high in the mountains, lots of negative ions are naturally present.

#5 Spreads scent quickly throughout a room.


A special, built-in ultrasonic device divides the essential oil into millions of micro particles, creating a very fine water vapour that quickly spreads through a room. It will only take a few minutes until your entire room, be it at home or at the office, is scented with a delightful aroma!

#4 Helps Clear Up Skin


Aroma diffusers atomize the water and the essential oil so that the air is immediately humidified. This is ideal, since dry air (<30% humidity) is linked to several respiratory tract issues, as well as irritated mucous membranes and dry skin. A healthy humidity level ranges between 40% and 60%. Proper humidity level helps maintain the PH balance of the skin, helping prevent acne and early signs of skin aging.

#3 Relieve Stress


Perhaps the most widespread and popular use of aromatherapy is for stress relief. The aromatic compounds from many different essential oils are known as relaxants and can help to soothe your mind and eliminate anxiety. Some of the best essential oils for stress relief are lemon oil, lavender, bergamot, peppermint, vetiver, and ylang ylang essential oils. Certain studies have also shown that lemon oil can improve mood and reduce outbursts of anger.

#2 Natural Sleep Aid

Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate or cause a huge range of medical conditions and can leave us feeling unproductive and devoid of energy. Some of the best essential oils for managing your sleeping habits and having a healthy, sedative effect on the body include lavender, chamomile, jasmine, benzoin, neroli, rose, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, and ylang ylang essential oils.

#1 Boost Energy Levels

We can all use more energy to get through the hectic daily tasks of modern life. Many essential oils are known to increase circulation, raise energy levels, and generally stimulate the body and mind, without the dangerous side effects of other stimulating substances. The best essential oils for giving yourself an energy boost include black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, angelica, jasmine, tea tree, rosemary, and sage

Where to buy essential oils and diffusers?


I got my very own mini diffuser for 1,800php at Favori scents. My favorite is their peppermint because it’s so relaxing and helps me go to sleep at night. They have 31 different essential oils you can choose from and they’re divided by: Refreshing, Relaxing, Upbeat, and Sexy. They also released a special fragrance just in time for Mother’s Day. The floral boquet which smells romantic!


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